now that The VDAB has, for the second year in a row, less and less penalties are imposed on werkonwillige job-seekers, as a Ham, I on the work for raising to 120,000 additional Flemings, in the battle to get it. The writing in The Morning, and The News on Friday.

in Order for the employment rate to increase from 75 to 80 per cent, the Flemish arbeidsbemiddelingsdienst need to ensure that leefloners well this has to be activated in their thuisgemeente, in this way, the coalition government’s agreement. She will also need to be active, to contribute to “the empowerment and employment of women with a migration background,” a group that is falling behind.

Alone with the VDAB, it is not followed. By 2018, the service is 9.867 sanctions to be imposed on werkonwillige the unemployed. A year earlier, it had to 10,401. Particular violations of the “active” availability ” – if the person is a little effort to find a job – continue to be unpenalized, 896 penalties, compared to 954 in 2017, and most preferably of 3 762 at the end of 2015.

“It’s as if the VDAB, it is a hard time of it, with his two hats: to supervise and sanction,” says arbeidseconoom Stijn Baert (Ghent university). “In order that the tasks have to be combined with the follow-up to the initiatives, it will be more efficient to work with. Or should there be more resources to go over.” The Minister of employment and Hilde Crevits (CD&V) and the VDAB’s ceo, Wim Adriaens, a former chief of staff to her predecessor, Philippe Muyters (N-VA), you may find it is too early to comment. “The white paper and the budget are yet to be made”, is it Crevits.

for More on the VDAB is Also in line with the coalition agreement: pupils are tested four times, with stookolietanks, and VRT should not have anything to do more service to the community, the unemployed, the arrival of the Flemish unemployment rate has continued to decline in August, The ‘she’ in the labour market of suitable candidates to disappear suddenly from the face of the earth