The Valencia Yacht opens to the windsurfing


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The Real Club Náutico of Valencia opens to the water sports of table in this 2020, with the offer of rental material of windsurfing and paddle surf both for partners and for non-members, courses for children and adults, and the incorporation to the fleet of regattas of the class, Bic Techno 293, which was presented yesterday afternoon to the young athletes of the club.

New fleet of Bic Techno 293

The club valencia has decided to bet for the creation of a fleet of class Bic Techno 293 as an alternative to the continuity of the sailors more young people after their passage through the Optimist class, or for those who begin to browse later to be incorporated into the early childhood classroom.

After the success of the creation of the classes Laser and 29er, which have near half a hundred sailors, and in accordance with the consolidation strategy of a generation of athletes, the RCN Valencia has decided to introduce windsurfing to your bet ahead of the season 2020 – 21. This new class, focused on having a team competition at the national level, opens an alternative to the club members who do not wish to continue in candle light.

The Bic Techno 293 is the table of windsurfing more popular in the world, with more than 10,000 units, accessible and versatile for both learning and leisure and for competition, because with a same table, and by simply changing the rig, you can browse in different classes as under the age of 15 and 17 years of age or in ages to open. In addition, it offers numerous ways to participate in high-level competitions and allows 18-year-olds to continue in classes Techno Plus with largest sail or change to iQFoil, that is olympic class.

“it Is a class very fun, since you are going much faster than in other classes of sailing dinghy. In addition, the material is easy to store and transport, and arbola and desarbola quickly. The Valencian Community and Spain, they have a fleet very numerous, and a racing calendar very full, which will ensure a good number of competitions in which to participate. In addition, it is a class more economically than others, and allows you to navigate without relying on another person” points to the sports director of the RCN Valencia, Pedro Quiroga.

Courses and rental of materials

The club has also opened his school to the discipline of windsurfing, offering introductory and advanced courses for all ages, using a proprietary methodology and a technical sports graduates who will adapt the content and exercises to the needs and concerns of each student. Another of the novelties of this summer 2020 is the possibility to hire equipment to windsurf, kayak and paddle surfing, with or without the monitor, with the option of doing it by hours, days, or even a month, for those who wish to take the tables or boats on their trips on the boat.

“off The coast of Valencia and specifically the facilities at the yacht club brings together the perfect conditions for windsurfing, a sport that helps to strengthen and tone the body, develop balance and control of the maneuvers, which are constant, as well as the care and skill. In addition, it is very fun and suitable for any age and condition, and allows you to enjoy the nature and get to know and use the wind” , says Quiroga.