The US Open attracts the Stars – A Disneyland for the TenniscracksDie New York tennis facility will be rebuilt for the U.S. Open, without a spectator to the amusement Park. With cinemas, football and basketball court. And the Stars are now allowed to live in houses.Simon Graf0 comment football and basketball place instead of crowds: The US Open in 2020, is to be sweetened for the Cracks.Photo: Screenshot US Open

The charm offensive of the US Open, as many of the top players to attract for this year’s tournament in front of empty stands, has begun. It had to be, as the new tournament Director Stacey Allaster said, also the benefits that this time no spectators allowed. So you could use the “world class facilities” differently. The apartments in the big stadiums, the Restaurants and the cafes are all the players available. On the main square (South Plaza) is a built in entertainment center, where the Cracks football, Basketball or Golf. Also, cinemas will be built and equipment, to gaming to. Disneyland in Flushing Meadows.

From the heavily criticised scheme that the players are only allowed to take one companion, it is moved away again. Now three are allowed, so for example, a Coach, a Physio and the Partner. And who has the money for it, you may also rent a private house for the tournament (31. August to 12. September). All the other players have to live in the two official Hotels, one of which is the spectacular TWA-Hotel at JFK airport. It is to be opened in 2019 in a previous Terminal, the Finnish architect Eero was designed by Saarinen in the sixties. The Hotel was so Allaster, “virtually created the Social Distancing”.

in Addition, the US Open could unlock still the same Serena Williams who promised their participation, and built, apparently, home to a Court with the location, on the new in New York is played. What is the Unpleasant subject: The players should at least be tested once per week on Covid-19. Who is tested in the course of the tournament in a positive, retires.

The private homes for the Stars, the mountains, the risk that this could break out of the “bubble”. That was probably a concession they had to make them. A little self-responsibility is also in demand, said the tournament doctor. Where: it is not so far away, you saw recently in the case of the Adriatic-Tour of Novak Djokovic in Belgrade. The bleachers were full, Social Distancing, there were none, at the end of the Cracks celebrated a wild Party in a Disco.

press conferences via Zoom

to minimize in Flushing Meadows, the number of persons on the installation, are only used on the two biggest Courts, line judges. Otherwise, the Hawkeye, the electronic line judge dictated. Media are not allowed, except, of course, the TV Partner ESPN. And may be selected US Newspapers like the New York Times. Are planned for international press conferences via Zoom. Finally, we would like to, you know, the tennis event is reported. This rises in two and a half months. It all kind of sounds like something from Science Fiction.

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