This Monday, November 14, the Unknowns mark their big return to television in the fiction Tous Inconnus broadcast at 9:10 p.m. on TF1. Before experiencing success in the 90s, the comic trio formed by Didier Bourdon, Bernard Campan and Pascal Légitimus initially had five members. Indeed, in 1983, the Unknowns were originally called the Five and also included Smaïn and Seymour Brussel in the band. Together, they amused the public at the Théatre de Bouvard on Antenne 2.

In 1985, Smaïn decided to leave the group following the failure of the film The Telephone Always Rings Twice. The comedian will carry out his solo career with brilliance. Following his departure, the band renamed itself Cat Car and Co for a while. In an interview with Schnock magazine published on September 7, Didier Bourdon reveals how the group name was finally chosen. “We met in his office (that of their producer at the time, Paul Lederman, editor’s note) to find a new name. Lederman had offered us a few and the Unknowns arrived fairly quickly, “said the actor. The latter also explains that there were no known groups with this name, which made it possible to avoid lawsuits. “Other than the Unknown Soldier, I don’t see,” he joked.

A group name that will bring them happiness. Despite Seymour Brussel’s departure in 1988, Les Inconnus enjoyed tremendous success thanks to their cult shows and sketches.