the united states to raise charges against the Venezuelan president Nicolas maduro of against, tell Us of the justice and foreign ministries.

maduro accused of drug smuggling and money laundering. In addition, the prosecution will get many maduro in nearby venezuela’s leaders and armed forces officers.

the united states promised to pay 15 million dollars for information leading to Maduro påidättämiseen.

the AP interviewed u.s. officials, according to the president of Donald Trump management believes that Maduro has transformed Venezuela rikollisorgenisaatioksi, which works with drug dealers and terrorists for the good.

the Charges undermine country relations further. The united states has imposed sanctions against Venezuela, whose economy and government have collapsed. The rampant widespread corruption.

the AP interviewed according to the experts the hard way against Venezuela may contribute to Trump’s electoral success, especially co-ordinating in the state of Florida, with a lot of central america from immigrants.

the united states might also paving the way for similar attacks as in 1989 in Panama. At that time the united states arrested the country’s president Manuel Noriega , whose involvement in Panama was sold large quantities of drugs.

the united states believes that, even in Venezuela works for the drug cartels as a base. In addition, the united states has accused venezuela of Colombian guerrillas and even in the Middle east the Hezbollah-terrorist organization of the protection.

Sources: AP, Reuters

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