The unemployment rebounds in 5.107 unemployed and go back up in June for the first time since 2008


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The unemployment registered in the offices of the State Employment Public Service (SEPE) returned to increase in June with a spike 5.107 unemployed compared to the previous month, up to a total of 3.862.883 , a figure not reached since the year 2016. In a month traditionally good for the job by the start of the tourist campaign, unemployment has not went back in June since the outbreak of the 2008 crisis. Unemployment fell in all sectors in the least in the area of agriculture, as well as between the group without previous employment grew in 30.781 people . About a year ago, employment has fallen in 893.360 people, while the unemployment rate has increased in 847.197. The number of unemployed dropped, especially in the services sector (27.319), construction (15.927) and the industry (7.770). In June it signed 1.159.602 employment contracts, 308.985 contracts more than in may, of which less than one in ten were undefined (114.393)

part of the creation of employment, the average number of affiliates to the Social Security was increased again in June with an increase of 68.208 contributors, up to a total of 18.624.337 people, which represents an increase of 68.208 jobs. However, the number of workers affiliated to the Social Security on the last day of June was 18.484.270, which was a decrease of 99.906 people since the beginning of the month , due to the low produced on the last day (161.500).

If you take into account the monthly average, the increase of the membership of June (68.208 people) was similar to that registered in the month of 2019 (75.584) and was a result of increases in all regimes, except the coal and the special systems for agricultural and household. The general regime increased its affiliates in 42.728, despite the declines of the system special agricultural (41.596) and home (208) , in both the self-employed experienced a rise that is almost three times that of a year ago (24.345). Within the general regime, activities that threw out of employment were construction (40.383-affiliated), trade (26.709), the administrative activities and auxiliary services (22.610), hospitality (20.653) and manufacturing industry (10.614).

Affiliated to the Social Security – ABC

Labour argues that the increase of the registered unemployment in June has had an impact, “significantly”, the group of claimants with no previous employment. 48% of the total of those enrolled, nearly 15,000 have been registered in the Valencian Community to opt-in to the public offer of employment as a “helper contingency plans beaches Covid-19, which required the registration in the offices of SEPE as a requirement. “Without this exceptional circumstances, the registered unemployment would have declined by about 9,000 people”, race the note sent by the ministry.

1.8 million remain in ERTE

The data of unemployment of June, as happened in march, April and may, it does not include workers who are in suspension of employment or reduction in time as a result of a record regulation of temporary employment (ERTE). In particular, a total of 1.17 million people ceased to be under the guidance of an STRONG and resumed their posts during the month of June, which left the total of workers with the contract suspended wholly or partly at 1.8 million. According to the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, the total number of workers affected by ERTE in June, 1.56 million were due to force majeure, and 0.27 million due to other causes.

After the collapse caused by the coronavirus, the membership began to rise in may, thanks to the phase desescalada and the economic reactivation after a month and a half of paralysis, and the membership average grew then in 97.462 people. For its part, the membership of the last day of the month with regards to April rose in 187.814 people. However, unemployment rose in 26.573 people and came up to the 3.857.776 unemployed.