Self-employment instead of the crisis – The employment office she held for unemployable today, she is a millionaire indie, a native Icelander, Sigrun Gudjonsdottir has built from Nothing a successful Coaching business. You want to make other women the courage to do likewise. Mathias Morgenthaler14 Kommentare14Erfolgscoach Sigrun Gudjonsdottir helps women to make the leap into self-employment – as it is for years ago has succeeded.Photo: PD

The crisis as an opportunity? You may not hear it. What exactly is the Chance, if you are sitting at home in his four walls, a new applying for jobs, or trying to bring his one-person business I want to Run?

Sigrun Gudjonsdottir knows this Situation only too well. Seven years ago, she was sitting in Zurich, in her apartment, struck down after two job losses in a short period of time and worn out from chronic neck pain. Four University degrees had the Icelander, and leadership experience at the top level, a successful Turnaround-Management, IT-affinity. You would be the ideal occupation for many Start-ups, she found myself. Your Advisor in the job centre saw it differently: “Too expensive, over-qualified and therefore unemployable.” The many Rejections you received on your applications, gave the RAV-consultant right.

In Need Gudjonsdottir decided to take the leap into self-employment. She had been engaged previously in Facebook groups for entrepreneurs and realized that your advice was asked for and made it Fun to share your experience. Only, she had earned no Swiss francs.

With a Blog, it all started

In the fall of 2013, she started a Blog not as an expert but as a Concerned. First entry: “Why you need to get started before it is really ready.” You wrote about hurdles in the establishment of the company beyond their own perfectionism, about all the barriers in the head. And one day, they placed a Banner on your Website: “1-hour online coaching: $ 180”. A little later, on 26. In March 2014, booked the first customer – Gudjonsdottir was so electrified that she has the date to today in the head and celebrates.

“not for me, for the money, but I wanted to show with the Million, which can reach women, if you think big.”

Sigrun Gudjonsdottir, success coach

Today, the hour at Sigrun, who has made a first name for the brand is the cost of 1500 dollars, its annual turnover has increased from 72’000 dollars in the first year to $ 2.2 million in 2019. How was this possible in just five years?

there’s an economic and a psychological response. What is decisive is to sell only at the very beginning of individual lessons, says the Icelander, who has since 2017 is also the Swiss Pass. She went quickly to group seminars to offer – only with a half a dozen, and later with up to 100 Participants. Properly scalable is the business going but only when you convey your Knowledge in online courses.

Reached by your Newsletter about 20’000 subscribers, your customer list has over 2000 entries: Sigrun.Photo: PD

this is the psychological component: the one Who proclaims in the second year after the Foundation, in an Interview with researchers, the sales of a million for a fourth year as the destination, you need a special drive. “It wasn’t just the money, but I wanted to show with the Million, which can reach women, if you think big,” says Sigrun. As a Teenager in Iceland, she had been incredibly angry to see so many women who have abandoned their Dreams, and for all sorts of reasons found. The wanted to make it different.

Without courage, it is not

Even today they listen to their customers from all over the world, all sorts of excuses: no time because of children, no Support from husband, no Flair for technology or Finance. “Translated it all means: I don’t trust me. Or: It is not important to me enough.” Because who wants to really need to start a Facebook group and a big Portion of courage.

in the Meantime, Sigrun reached via the Newsletter about 20’000 subscribers, your customer list has over 2000 entries. With the right business model in almost all industries, a lucrative online business, says the entrepreneur, who now employs a Team of 10 people: from the dog trainer, the math teacher, the designer, the architect, the insurance Broker about the chef.

Sigrun the example of a promo called the fourth Wiener nutritionist, who gained in spite of great Expertise so little that they can pay for 20 years, hardly any of your bills have. “We have changed the business model: Now it is no longer a semi-free for all, but shall inform the professionals for good money,” says Sigrun. The step I have taken a lot of Overcoming – “you hated me!” – but the revenue had doubled in the first year. Currently, the ORF rotate just a TV show about you.

And the targets it has set itself Sigrun for the next time? “No financial!” In the short term, she wanted to support as many women, a online business. A different target had to move Sigrun a year. 18. June, you would want to bring 1000 entrepreneurs from all over the world in Iceland for a conference. What is not in this year it will be possible to succeed in 2021, the better.

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