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David Villa came to New York to stay. The signing of the founding of the New York City FC was not one of those cases of european stars who leave their last drops of football from a u.s. team in exchange for a good paycheck, and then retire on a beach in their countries. The spaniard striker is involved with the city and organized its vital future in the Big Apple. Not hung up here the boots, but in Japan, in the Vissel Kobe of Andres Iniesta, but left an ambitious project that begins to take shape: Queensboro FC, the first professional club of Queens , the district is more hispanic and diverse city, which was scheduled to begin to compete in 2022.

Now, the future of the “Guaje” in New York is somewhat more uncertain. A former intern at the NYCFC has accused him of sexual harassment. “I thought that I had the opportunity of my life when you gave me those practices,” he explained on Twitter Skyler Badillo , a young man who studied physical education at the University of Long Island, in Brooklyn, and who worked for the club football in 2018. “What I got was David Villa touching me all the fucking days, and my bosses, thinking that it was something funny.”

Badillo outlined his accusations in a thread of messages in which they also protested because he said that he had “a bad attitude at work” when what was happening was that the “toqueteaban”, laughed it off, or you put “the two hands in the back”. “The harassment that I spent in the NYCFC was so strong that now the idea of professional sport I’m afraid. To stay in the sector of physical education, I fear,” he said. “ I’m changing my career for that crap that I did and that ruined my dreams.”

The negative messages against Villa were not new in their Twitter account. In the last few months, Badillo shared a lot of complaints about their days at NYCFC and Villa, which he said “turned my job into a living hell”, and that he called “old green” . But never exposed to accusations as serious as those of a week ago.

Their messages on Twitter came a day after “The Washington Post” revealed the allegations of sexual abuse and harassment to fifteen employees of the Washington Redskins, the football team of the capital of the country. It has been one of the major episodes of the movement “MeToo” within professional sports clubs.

The player denies it all

In an excerpt from the article, one of the accused claimed that you almost do not remember the accuser. “I guarantee that if someone tells my name to David Villa he would not know who I am”, he reacted about it Badillo on Twitter. “You never called me by my name. It was a rare day that I don’t grab or I acosara verbally, but never cared to know my name.”

This newspaper tried to without success to get in touch with Badillo , whose last message on Twitter was the 19th of July and he expressed that he did not expect that their messages “to bring so much attention to it” and thanked the supports. Since then, has made no public statements, nor is there a record of who has lodged a complaint against Villa.

The NYCFC reacted by ensuring that they will start an investigation. “We take this matter extremely seriously and will not tolerate harassment of any kind,” said the club, which has not responded to questions from this newspaper about whether Badillo complained to the club by the behaviour of Villa or of other people or on how to develop the research.

Villa said in a statement that the accusations are “completely false”, that he never received any communication about the club, he never heard anything about those “vague allegations” until it appeared on Twitter, and that will collaborate in the research.