According to the semi-autonomous Syrian Koedische authorities of Turkish troops on Wednesday to a prison, to be harassed, “where is the most dangerous of the criminal,” the fighters of the terrorist organisation, Islamic State (ISIS) has been in more than sixty countries. It’s going to be a part of the Chirkin prison in Qamishli, said that the authorities in the area.

It counties and a “clear attempt” to Ankara in order for the warriors to help you in order to able to escape, in spite of a promise by Ankara to make a comeback from ISIS and prevent. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for human Rights, the Turkish “artillery” of which the “location” of the jail, viseerde.

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“because of the Turkish attacks in the region, there will be less security guards are deployed for security of the fighters of the ISIS. This is very dangerous and can lead to escapes,” says Badran Jia Kurd, a senior Kurdish official in the – Reuters .

the Turkish citizens, were killed,

Also led to calls for the war’s victims. In the Turkish-Syria adjacent to the post on Thursday that at least two civilians were killed and 46 were injured by the rockets which have been launched by the Kurdish militia, against whom the Turkish military offensive in the north-east of Syria, has been addressed, for example, local authorities have announced.

The fatalities were a male and a nine-month-old baby. This is the first official confirmation of the casualties along the Turkish side of it. The rockets and shells have been embarked on in the border cities, Akçakale and Ceylanpinar, according to the local authorities.

the internet Users have picked up:

The Turkish authorities have on Thursday, then once again 21 people have been arrested who are accused of being on social media is “terrorist propaganda” against the Turkish invasion, in Syria, and to incite hatred. They have also launched an investigation against the opponents who are the so-called criticism.

There is a criminal investigation against the two leaders of the pro-Kurdish HDP party, Sezai Temelli, and Pervin Buldan, as well as the leaders of these political formations, for instance, the office of the attorney general in the capital, Ankara, is known. The HDP leaders, are also accused of “terrorist propaganda by a derogatory on the Turkish offensive).

as for The HDP, it is the only Turkish political party that was against the idea. Several leaders of gewaagden of an “invasion”.
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