The Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is threatening with an influx of millions of refugees into Europe, as a response to the criticism of the invasion of Syria. He claims that his “operation,” not a raid, it is. In the meantime, his government had supported the rebels from the Damascus road to the south-east of the country, for the Turkish troops to help out.

“Herpak you, the European Union,” said Erdoğan during a speech in the capital, Ankara. “I’ll say it one more time. If you’re trying to make our operation as a full-scale invasion, and then we will have an easy game. Then we can open the doors and we will send you up to 3.6 million cases.

According to him, the Turkish operation and the only goal is to “to eradicate terrorism”. Turkey wants to be in the demographic structure of the region to recover, according to Erdoğan, and of the Assyrians to their homes, to return. In a speech before members of his AK Party in the Turkish capital of Ankara, said Erdogan added that he would never accept the fact that citizens have had to happen during his time.

He added that his country was the creation of a “terrorist state” on its border, to avoid a reference to the Kurdish army that is a large area in the field control. “We will have some of them left to destroy.”

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with The threat of the Turkish president, a day after troops at the border with neighbouring Syria have entered. An idea that Turkey is in quite a bit of criticism from, among others, the European countries in a few years. But the US and Arab countries have been critical of.

according to History, it takes for the operation to continue. “Of the 109 terrorists were killed,” said the president.

the Rebels are on the move

in the Meantime, due to Turkey-backed rebels, the regime in Damascus to fight on the way to the front, in the north-east, Syria to the Turkish troops are there to support it. Fighters from the free Syrian National Army is going to the most important cities in the area of Tall Abyad and Ras al-Ain.

the Licensing
Jan Jambon (Photo: BELGA

In our country, the Flemish government will take decisions about the request of Turkey for the supply of goods that may have military uses and can be used. Has the prime minister, Jan Jambon (N-VA), which is also responsible for Foreign Affairs, announced on Thursday.

There are currently four applications for delivery to Turkey on the so-called ‘dual-use’goods that have both civilian and military use, to be able to serve. “All four of these cases have been for quite a while into the treatment, but the situation in the region becomes clearer, aprons, we are making the decisions in these cases on,” says the spokesperson of the Ham.

as Well as in other countries, the current debate on arms supplies to Turkey. Finland has decided on Wednesday for the export of arms to Turkey, to shut down. Ham had been in The Morning show on Radio 1. the European Union has already called for economic sanctions in retaliation for its invasion of Kurdish areas in Syria.
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