The suspicion is growing that most, and possibly all, of the victims who were killed in a koeltrailer, and the Vietnamese state. It reports to the BBC. The government of Vietnam has launched an investigation. The fridge unit would also be able to be a part of a convoy of three trucks. The British police force is now engaged in a manhunt is on for a fifth suspect.

The BBC was contacted by several Vietnamese families who lost family members. It was going to have a poor agricultural environment in the south of the capital city of Hanoi. At least six Vietnamese families fear that their relatives among the victims.

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Moreover, Viethome , which is an organization of the Vietnamese communities in the UK, and the photos sent to the BBC by 20 fellow-countrymen who are missing in action ever since the discovery of the object. VietHome to let you know, shortly after the discovery of the bodies of the messages to be the start about the missing people. They are between 15 and 45 years of age.

In Vietnam, said the catholic priest, Anthony Dang Hu Took over, to be told, on more than a hundred people,” which is in the province of Yen, ho chi minh city has left “on the road to a new life,” according to the BBC, and Sky News. Family living in the area believe that the relatives of the victims of the “tragic journey”.

as Earlier stated, the police are positive that all the victims are Chinese,. Now it confirms that the police in Essex and that they are no longer going out. “We are waiting for formal identification after the autopsy”, what it sounds like.

Research in Vietnam

The Vietnamese prime minister, Nguyen Xuan Phuc has announced an inquiry ordered into allegations of trafficking in human beings. It has Sky News, the Saturday post.

Many of the victims of human trafficking are from the poorest regions of Vietnam, from.

a Convoy

The refrigerated van that the 39 seem to have been reported, which was part of a convoy of three trucks, according to the Vietnamese priest, and Anthony Dang Hu Took over from the province of Nghe An, at Sky News. He also says that these trucks are more than a hundred immigrants to the Uk have been set up.

Two of those three were to make their trip complete, but what we do not know. The third, in which tragedy was played out in an unfamiliar place of late.

the Sky, it says there is no confirmation of this information from an independent source, to have been able to get it.

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the Raid

The British police have, meanwhile, a manhunt is launched to be a fifth suspect, reports ITV News on Saturday. According to the TERMS of the order and the truck drivers who are of the semi-trailer to the port of Zeebrugge in belgium has taken place.

The British police are working closely with colleagues on the continent of europe, to when, how, and why, 39 people have died in their journey to the port of Purfleet. Earlier four people were arrested.


In a refrigerated van, in Essex, in the night between Tuesday and Wednesday, with 39 bodies found. In total, in the meantime, four persons are detained: the driver of the truck, and a couple of the Main, if not the previous owners of the trailer on which the container was, and is, a 48-year-old Northern Irishman. The latter has been arrested at Gatwick airport.

The refrigerated van was in the port of Zeebrugge, belgium, to the UK, to be transported. The police in our country have been on the lookout for the person who is in the refrigerated van to the port, will be transported to.