Kortrijk –

in The morning, to expire Tuesday morning very difficult, with a height of 500 kilometres of traffic jams. In most places, as a result of the rain, but on the E17 in the Marke as a result of a major accident. At 10 in the morning, most of the congestion is resolved.

at About 7: 30 am Tuesday morning, it was already in queue on the motorway E17 in the direction of France, as a truck driver for a company in Borgloon, just before the petrol station, in Marke, the delay will not notice it, and rammed a Hyundai. That was because of the blow, thrown against a van with a trailer. The driver doesn’t own the vehicle, get in, and had to go through the fire to be free. He was conscious, and complained of a pain in the neck when he was taken to the hospital. The truck driver and the other occupants of the van remained unhurt.

in the accident, two lanes blocked in. At around 8: 30 a.m. all of the vehicles on the side of italy. The accident caused a lot of traffic jams on almost all major roads around Kortrijk, belgium.
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you can Also (and lighter) an accident in the kennedy tunnel (to the Netherlands), the E411 in jezus-Eik (in the direction of Brussels, and the Ghent ring road (at Destelbergen), and a broken truck in the Tijsmanstunnel in the direction of Beveren (belgium) worsened the situation in the country as a whole.

So, lost, you’re in the direction of Brussels from Ghent in one hour and ten minutes in traffic from Erpe-Mere, belgium, and from Antwerp to death, and a quarter of an hour, via the E19 motorway) and one hour and five minutes from the A12), and Leave it stood up for an hour and three quarters of an hour with them. Also, the ring was in the queue going in both directions.

Antwerp lost about an hour and twenty minutes in Haasdonk, from calais in one hour and twenty five minutes from the Sint-Job, from, Leave an hour and a half from Lille-Europe. But it is also a Ghent , and the Hatch had heavier traffic jams than usual.

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for More about the Flemish traffic centre Tramchauffeur hunts cyclist: Driver was in the wrong,” Why, it’s no surprise that you are not in the file, and it said, “The real change is on the way, later, to Serious inconvenience at the Antwerp Ring road in the direction of Ghent, by accident, at the Antwerp-South, Two-hour pull to the shore after the accident: “Stay away from the airports.