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To Marcelo Bielsa pursued by the shadow of the preacher of pain, the philosopher, the hurt locker, the theoretician in a field where the mass has eyes only for the now. Perhaps this is why want to take this time, when the applause is unanimous after it has been finished the return of Leeds to the Premier League , no less than 16 years after the last time, to remember the bricks on which it is based his way of seeing football, life and everything else.

“There are successful people who is not happy and happy people that do not need the success to do so. The obligation of every human being is to monetize their options in order to be happy . Then we should be clear to most that the success is an exception, not a continuum”. The reflection already has its years. Few for Bielsa, who at 64 springs will become the nth figure in the dugouts of the Premier, consummated without any discussion of the flow of fluid from the Spanish League. The fault has a fabulous season, champion of the Championship without playing the last day and happy football fans to regain her status —we speak of a semi-finalist of the Champions of this century, 2001 against Valencia— after falling to the third division, on risk even the survival of the club after a difficult times where the debts were the norm. Serve the twelve technicians between 2012 and 2017 passed by the bench now occupied by Bielsa to understand the magnitude of his achievement.

Understood his stature, it’s hard to find similarities between the Rosary and the Klopp, Guardiola, Mourinho or Ancelotti —to that gradually add up to the former players that are the heritage of the championship as Lampard or Solskjaer or figures emerging as Hasenhüttl or Arteta—. Just the unanimous recognition of his colleagues as a leader in the profession connected with the great names of the game contemporaries, although in the case of the “Crazy” there is a complete unanimity, that crosses generations and lay a thick almost family wherever pisa. It occurred in the Athletic of Bilbao and the selection of Chile, also in Argentina, the three teams that fueled the myth.

Clear that this mysticism, we have to add the seasonings appropriate to finish setting up to a man that by itself might constitute a species. No pulse trembled when he decided to leave the Olympique Marseille , with whom he had competed for the Ligue 1 to PSG, after the first game of the following season because the directive had not signed what had been agreed. Did the same thing in the Lille , with a match more. The Lazio or stepped on: you got out of the boat before you put on the unmistakable tracksuit with that runs a mile for his technical area in every encounter.

Espionage and honor

Two events profiled the journey of the argentine in Leeds, both of last year, when it was at the gates of ascent. Did so after falling to Derby County in the playoff. This was the team that denounced him for espionage after hunting down a drone flying over their training camp. On the other side of the coin is the goal that is left to write down in a decisive match against Aston Villa, after his own set with an opponent on the ground. A year later, with the talented Pablo Hernandez as a strut, with Kiko Box in goal, and under the aegis of Victor Orta , director of sports, —in addition to Gaby Ruiz , scouting—, Bielsa, despite not being able to utter three consecutive words in English, has left his particular mark in Leeds, which, for the moment, will put his name to a street.