The Us president, when He has to, Ukrainian president Volodimir Zelenski, during a phone conversation in July, indeed, invited to investigate the former vice-president, Joe Biden, a break allowed to an investigation of a company in which his son, Hunter, was working. This puts the president in a tight shoes. The President Zelenski responded Wednesday night, and said that no one pressured.

and it appears from a summary of a phone conversation between He and Zelenski, who in the White House today, the public has been made.

In the text it says that when He and the Ukrainian president Volodimir Zelenski encouraged to work together with the U.s. prosecutor’s office. He asked, Zelenski in order to launch an investigation against the company Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden. That question was the perfect opportunity for the Democrats to have a impeachmentprocedure at Home to start with.

“He is clearly in violation of the law, ” said Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the U.s. House, during a statement that was broadcasted live. “The president must act according to the law. No one is above the law.”

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The son of Biden is, according to Trump, is involved in the forced removal of the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office. He told Zelenski, also to discuss it with his attorney, Rudolph Giuliani.

Shortly before, had been the u.s. Home to over 400 million dollars in military aid to Ukraine will be frozen. That last point was not mentioned during the phone call. However, the question is whether or not He is on, which means Zelenski pressured in order to release any information about the range of plant at the top to search for. It is very sensitive to: Biden is well on his way to the Trumps major contender for the Us presidential election of 2020.

Whether He actually steps aside and you will have to put on it, is not clear. So far, we have not. However, the whole affair puts him in a very narrow shoes.

Home furious

The Us president, responds furiously. He said that he was the most new of president in the history of the United States of america.

“There’s not a single president in the history of our country that are so poorly treated as I was. The Democrats are full of hate and fear,” began He, on the day on Twitter. The US president is currently in New York for the General Assembly of the United Nations (un). “It may not have the president come to you. A witch-hunt,” was the.

At a press conference, he had to take over a “hoax”. “I’ve never felt threatened. No push, no pressure, no nothing… This is an impeachment, it’s a joke,”

No pressure

The Ukrainian president Volodimir Zelenski on Friday late, said that “no one” hit on him, to be exercised during a phone conversation that he had with his American counterpart, Donald Trump. “It was a nice, normal conversation,” so responded to Zelenski in the political scandal in Washington has broken loose.


Chuck Schumer, the leader of the Democrats in the U.s. Senate, calling for the release of the transcript of the telephone conversation between the president, when He and his Ukrainian counterpart Volodomir Zelenski “not enough”.

“It will be our concerns and the concerns of the public, not to soften it,” said Schumer on Wednesday. According to the topdemocraat had He, reportedly, a number of phone calls with Zelenski in the summer.

“the government has a well-deserved reputation for dishonesty, twisting of facts, and any disclosure of any publications,” said Schumer. He called the events that are the ‘problem’ the phone call between He and Zelenski was pointed out, it would be to be able to testify without intimidation. “We have all the raw’s complaint, the whistleblower may be seen,” was the.

you can Also have Mitt Romney, a candidate for the Republican party in the presidential election of 2012, following the release of the transcript of evidence of his “deep concern”. “My reaction is the same as a couple of days ago. It remains deeply worrying and we will have to see what this leads to,” said the senator from Utah is on the Us news channel CNN.

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