It is worthy of all honor, that the foreign Minister Maas (SPD) wants to strengthen the partnership with the United States. In these times, that’s all other than, of course, no less important: When it comes to Germany’s and Europe’s security, is the collaboration with America to Central. With this view, the Realist Maas quite right, even if others dream of “strategic autonomy” in Europe. It is, if at all, only in the long term.

at The Moment, however, the list of topics that the government is not reading Trump and the Federal government from the same sheet is quite long. Keywords are: Iran-sanctions, Russian Gas supplies to Germany and new lines, the height of the German defence expenditure and, as a perennial, the German car exports. To add to the discussion about the future of the INF Treaty of 1987 between Washington and Moscow about a ban is now ground-based nuclear medium-range missiles. Since President Trump has announced the suspension of the Treaty, because Russia violated the Treaty, there is a lot of excitement. Because there is a new debate on nuclear retrofit then threatens almost inevitable, and don’t want the coalition, particularly the social democratic part, certainly.

that’s Why, but not the only reason, wants to save the Maas of the contract; where the Berlin policy is already clear who has violated the contract in the past few years, and who now reacts to the fact: Russia has deployed in violation of the contract cruise missiles, medium-range. The Russian leadership puts on an innocent face, and makes propaganda demonstrations. That’s not enough, of course. You must disarm.

In Washington has delivered the Meuse, the Germans Worry, hoping that this will be taken by his American interlocutors, at least half-seriously. But they are dissuaded Trump, it is true, to terminate the contract, is more than doubtful. German wishes are this President, as you know, no matters of the heart.