The trade unions carry out the action against the pressure of commercial rusthuisgroep


The employees of the Armonea, the leading commercial rusthuisgroep in our country is run today, Wednesday, against the high pressure of work and lack of respect for the board of directors. “We are aware that the board of directors in a lot of locations on the staff to save,” says She Maurissen, vakbondssecretaris of the CSC, and that the action of the family. “The workload is unsustainable, and that the care is inferior.”

at Armonea, it is originally a Belgian company, but it was at the beginning of this year, was acquired by the French group’s Colisée. According to the CSC, it is the pressure of work and shortage of personnel since then has only increased. “In addition to this, the flexible working hours at some of the places that can be transmitted, and the recovery of overtime pay, often in stages, and without the involvement of it personnel will need to be included,” according to CSC. “They had gone too far.”

The union is using the rusthuisgroep negotiating three new collective agreements by the end of this year to come to an end. With the action she wants to take for extra pressure. In Armonea was, well, no one can be reached for a comment.

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