The beleaguered tour operator Thomas Cook, keeps a Sunday morning there is a consultation in order to ensure that the company goes bankrupt. The oldest tour operator in the world, only a few more hours to get to 200 million pounds (226 million) is to be found. In the meantime, customers of Thomas Cook has been under pressure to have to pay additional fees. Tell them how they are being held in a hotel in Tunisia, and to the management of money.

Thomas Cook said there is an urgent need the money. Even though it’s already 1 billion euros in fresh capital as it was described by the Chinese shareholder, and the banks, the operator, again, at 226 million euros, is required in order to get through the winter. For now, Thomas Cook and the hotels to make reservations for the holiday season.

According to the BBC and other British media keep the top of the business Sunday morning for a consultation with the largest shareholders and the lenders. The meeting will take place at the law firm Slaughter & May was the Uk’s capital city.

Thomas would have hoped that the government would provide assistance. It could be the source of the calls, or walk, wrote in the British newspaper The Times on Saturday even though it is not very likely that the government will effectively intervene.

the content of the talks on Sunday, was held to be, it is still never said anything.”I hope that in the discussions with a positive result,” said the British prime minister, Brandon Lewis, and Sky News. “We’re hoping that Thomas can continue to exist,” says minister for foreign affairs Dominic Raab.


in the Event that Thomas Cook are no help, seems to be one of the next few days are going to go. In such a case, there is a solution should be found for 600,000 tourists, which is the worldwide organisation, are on the road. There are more than 10,000 Belgians in, it was a Friday at Thomas Cook Belgium.

in the Meantime, a growing concern among the customers of the Thomas Cook around the world. Passengers are concerned whether they are at home in the fall, while hotel operators strive to question whether they will ever have the money to go see it with Thomas Cook.

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In Tunisia complain to the British guests that they are locked away in the hotel, they have huge additional costs have to pay for it, they are free to leave.

Ryan, Farmer from Leicestershire, tells his story to BBC radio. According to him, the security staff of the hotel Les Orangers in Hammamet, close to Medina, and all the guests who were about to leave the “extra charges”. “It started out to be a 16-hour, when an announcement came on that all of the people who, today, would be to leave, to go to the front desk to come to the sum to be paid, are clearly seen to be a situation of Thomas”.

the Online shared images of how the Thomas Cook customers with a Tunisian hotel and is not allowed to leave without having to pay a Video to Twitter.

the Farmer had heard that a 80-year-old woman of more than 2,000 pounds (about 2.200 euros), had to pay for it. The other guests were to amounts of from 1 800 to 2 500 lbs (2.038 up were 2,830 euro) will have to pay for it.

According to the British guests, there are armed security guards at the entrance to the hotel is to be positioned, that is, the doors will lock if the guest refuse to pay for it. “I would describe it as being held hostage to.”

Operation to Return

for example, If the talks come to nothing, would lead to, and if the operator, during the night go out of business, then it is preparing the Uk government’s ‘surgery Line’, a massive operation to get all of the around 160,000 British tourists to return home that would be in the foreign country. That the evacuation would be to the British taxpayer, to 600 million pounds (679 million euros) of the costs.

In Belgium, Thomas Cook it (with the brand Neckermann) member of the Travel Guarantee fund. All package holidays are protected by the guarantee fund. Therefore, everyone is assured of a performance of a holiday, or a refund.