Ixelles –

A three-year-old nursery school of Ixelles was Saturday taken to the hospital with CO poisoning. The child is wrong, though not in life-threatening danger. That the report from the Brussels fire service, which points out the danger of CO poisoning now that the season is announced.

as a kid there was a Saturday and his parents in their apartment in the Bergagegaarde in Ixelles, when the CO alarm in the apartment went off. The fire department was notified and the apartment was ventilated.

in A MUG, and a doctor examined the different members of the family, and found that the three-year-old toddler, and a fresh CO people have suffered. The child was taken to the hospital where oxygen is administered, and received. The cause of the CO poisoning was a malfunctioning water heater in a utility room.

“We want to give the people at this time of the year, highlighting the risk of CO-intoxication,” said brandweerwoordvoerder Walter Derieuw, “and for anyone to insist that their heating and waterverwarminginstallaties to be inspected and have their chimneys serviced.”