with The Travel Guarantee fund will in three weeks to begin with, the processing of an estimated 20,000 claims against any of the Thomas Cook travelers . But now all fear that people have is that they don’t have all their money, will have to see. Value-added insurance and airport pick-up, for example, is not included in the terms and conditions. “We expect that one out of every five claims will be,” says the company. Test-aankoop calls for a broad interpretation of the law.

Anyone who has a trip booked with Thomas Cook, get a refund from the Travel Guarantee fund. That is the reassuring message given to Belgian people to hear it immediately after the bankruptcy of the tour operator. But it turns out not to be so. One of our readers was told that the 350 that they paid for the airport pick-up, and have the extra insurance, so in addition to the Thomas Cook as a package with the hotel and the flight will not be back. In accordance with the terms and conditions of which were, to pay to the Guarantee fund, only the amount that passengers pay for everything that is in the contract with Thomas Cook there.

“We are very pleased that the Travel Guarantee fund is. However, we hope that the fund is in the interests of the consumer, and, therefore, a wide interpretation, as well as the letter of the law,” said Simon, and in November of that Test Purchase. “We will be out there if the consumer is sure to be jealous.” But a lot of people are afraid that because of the scale of the problem, the chance is rather small, there is a wide interpretation of the law is to be given.

Marc De Vriendt, managing director of the Travel Guarantee fund does not, on the facts referred to. “We will take all 20,000 of the claims file in each case study. We are expecting up to 80 per cent of them had little to no problems with the transaction. But there is a huge variety of services, and the companies concerned, we think that 20 percent is, however, very complex and it will be.”

looking for: a manager.

in the Meantime, the last of hundreds of travellers-Thomas Cook yesterday, with the repatriëringsvluchten on Belgian soil, to land. At sixty or so passengers who, for long periods of time on the road, and only one flight had made, after this, all of the Belgians are back.

“That was our number one priority, and now we can focus on the claims,” said De Vriendt. Should you, as a victim, not tomorrow’s money has already come to expect. “We have to go now, it’s claimcenter to boot. The fund is looking for a manager of the organization, to the premises, and at least a dozen or so employees. We believe that we are about three weeks of the start of the processing of the files.” Such processing will, chronologically, be done, starting with the earliest date of departure.

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