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12345678910Don Bryant, “You Make Me Feel” (Fat Possum)

In the orbit of the soul a southerner, this fascinating singer began to record for HI Records in 1965. The success of Al Green propelled his career, to record a lp in 1969. Signed songs for Anne Peebles and Otis Clay , but decided to record albums of gospel music and not to sing outside of the church. Rescued to the general public in 2017, has just released an album that sound could have signed in 1970, the Bar-Keys , thanks to the multi-instrumentalist Scott Bomar . The voice of Bryant anda fantastic, huge even for a moment. Baladones soul are interspersed with energetic R&B of many carats. Who was going to tell his 72-year-old that was going to be globally acclaimed.

Kandace Springs, “The Woman Who Raised Me” (Blue Note)

Classic robes of silk for a diva freckle-faced and afro hair in your throat leads to Ella Fitzgerald to Nina Simone and Billie Holiday . Discovered by Prince , has become more sophisticated over time his vocal style to bring it up to a degree of sinfulness irresistible. The piano and the bass guitar supporting the singer transportándote to a coffee-jazz desolate on a stormy summer night. Accompanied on this dangerous disc by such luminaries of the jazz of yesterday and today, from Avishai Cohen to David Sanborn , Chris Potter or Christian McBride . is Norah Jones accompanied her in “Angel Eyes”. Though not to deceive us, behind that pretty face hides the bane. Perfect to accompany the reading of any novel black David Goodies .

Paul Weller, “On Sunset” (Verve forecast)

Newly released this month of July, the generous new work from the modfather of british portrayed the musician in a high moment of creative energy. To get to remember to the best Stevie Wonder of the seventy. In the no. 1 on the uk chart, Weller get the success without renouncing to be himself. Prevailing in their grooves homage to what he loves most, the black music, something that already gave a good account in your stage with Mick Talbot The Style Council . Disk full, inspired, with soul in its veins, brings tops as “Baptiste” or “Village”. A faithful companion, an inescapable part of this summer, without a doubt. Supports multiple listeners without wear.

Sonic Boom, “All Things Been Equal” (Carpark)

Thirty years has been slow to reappear, as a resurrection of Kraftwerk, this genius of electronic pop that is Peter Kember , founder of The Spacemen 3 and E. A. R. , where he worked with the German musician Thomas Köner in 1997. English has always opted for experimentation without sacrificing pop by collaborating with Stereolab or My Bloody Valentine . Surprise now with a disc of ten long songs, such as “On A Summers Day”, which refers to the long-cherished Ralph and Florian between the sheets and the texture of the sound, bright and colorful. Interstellar travel ideal to look at the sky in the long summer evenings.

Rose City Band, “Summerlong” (Thrill jockey)

sunny california has never ceased to amaze us with your enlightened country rock from the time of Laurel Canyon and Grateful Dead . Without boasting of virtuosity, almost like he does not want the thing, Erik “Ripley” Johnson ( Wooden Shjips ) has invoiced a disk lovely light filled the gloom of the room and that seems to be ideal for these dead hours, when outside the heat hits you with force and you must wait for the sunset to come out. Aires taciturn, lazy, sensitive, who listen with gratitude and without effort none. For followers of the Gospelbach or Beachwood Sparks .

Faber Nostrum, “Fabrizio de André”. Various artists (Sony)

already twenty-one years that we were left by the genoese universal, the great Fabrizio de Andre . Sony has had the wisdom to bend the arm to the best of the new breed of Italian artists and make them adapt to the present 15 of the immortal songs of Faber. To be a tribute cd, the results are uneven, but they serve to drop a few tears remembering the greatness of Andre in voices of youth, who carry his legacy to the fields of sunshine pop, folk-rock or hip-hop. We tend to ignore what happens in the neighbouring Italy, so close, so far away. So, you will discover here great artists recent, as Gazzele, Willie Peyote, The Leading Guy, The Municipàl, Zen Circus, Fadi, Artù, Vasco Brondi and many others. Fresh air to rediscover André.

Guaynaa, “BRB Be Right Back” (Universal)

ABC already echoed in an interview of the case of this hero of the reggaeton classic, born in Puerto Rico in 1992, Jean Carlos Santiago Perez and that he left his career of a petrochemical engineer by his passion, music. After a massive success in networking and collaborating with queens of the genre like Mariah Angeliq and, in Spain, with Mala Rodriguez and Big Freedia , launches its first album, seven reguetones with notes of cumbia and rap uploaded tone but with a high level of suggestion and findings viral, as a “Broken Knee” and the very sexy “Mara”, which opens the disc. No summer without a barbecue, and, far as the times of Georgie Dann, the replacement for the “dirty dancing” summer comes from the hand of this artist is unstoppable. Dale hard.

Bananagun, “The True Story of Bananagun” (Full time hobby)

When you think that nothing new under the sun may appear, and here we have an australian called Nick Van Bakel , hardly known for his former group, The Frowning Clouds , ride a combo unclassifiable formed by Jimi Gregg, Jack Crook, Charlotte Tobin and Joshua Dans to blend afro-beat to the Fela Kuti , the sound of bossa-nova diethylamide of Os Mutantes , Latin Soul, afro-philippine to Joe Bataan , samba and other mischief to the dance floor on a disk that points to all lights to be the big surprise of the summer and may of this year. Spectacular execution, danceable and enjoyable by a group of young musicians who let Vampire Weekend to the height of the bitumen, and stood in the bright tail of the great David Byrne .

Greyboy Allstars, “As of Allstars” (Light in the Attic)

fresh out of the oven is the return of these wizards of the track that impressed the world with Fred Wesley from the JBs James Brown with your West Coast Boogaloo 1994, which reminds us that the movement called acid jazz, which I drank of the merger in the sixties of jazz, soul and boogaloo, is still in force. Take turns in solos the guitar, the sax, with a playful bass that propels the battery and the body to what Jimmy Smith pieces such as “The Skipper”, which I might as well have signed to the legendary Pucho & His Latin Soul Brothers . Representatives of the scene’s most hedonistic of the jazz-funk of San Diego, his music, though clearly nightlife looks inspired by the West Coast, the beaches and the surf. More summery, impossible.

The Ponds, “IV” (Inbophonic records)

From Santander, Cantabria, the great revelation of Spanish pop the signature of the group led by Íñigo Bregel . Her brilliant career -record rapid – adds a new step to the launch this month, your fourth and very original album, sung in Spanish and with an amalgam of styles that placing it in a place that defies classification. Conceived as an album of songs, focusing each one on a character in madrid, because this is his city of adoption, operates at the time as a conceptual work, where in the last cut meets the entire cast. By putting a label, they call their music “progressive pop psychedelic”. Missing link to put behind the last Kick of Fernando Arbex , they insist that the album is pronounced “iv”. How does the poem attributed to Kipling ?