It was not a violent one, in the Aventurijncollege in the Bergen-op-Zoom, near the Belgian-Dutch border. Four of the pupils of 15 and 16 years of age, had, during the interval of a note, it upsets them, does not. She listened to the teacher and slapped and kicked him and at each other.

“A hollow the first time in the school”, refers to Mehlika Schopen to it. “In every school, the aggression for it. Also, here we do all akkefietjes. But it is a case of a teacher who slapped and kicked him, and that is going to be very, very far away.”

The young people were, on Thursday, shortly after the geweldincident by the police, and was arrested later that day and released from custody. They have been suspended by the employer pending a final decision on the case. May be they have been expelled from school.

According to Mehlika Schopen had a teacher that year at a rapid pace in the break, appealed to them because they are not given. “This is a comment, nothing more. But, but I find it to be a lot of fun.”

While the other students returned to the classroom went in, waited for the quartet to be in the school building, the teacher who had been reprimanded. “He was beaten up and kicked out. Fortunately, he is not really injured. But this was worse, to be able to come to an end. And besides, it doesn’t belong. Outside of the classroom, but also somewhere else not at all.”

The Aventurijncollege for secondary special needs education has 175 pupils with social, emotional, behavioral, or mental health problems. Usually, the problems at the school, solved it. “But it happened, and it was too much, so we are informed,” says Eric Passchier, of the police of Central and West-Brabant (netherlands).

The four have been suspended and are not allowed to go to school. The school is now looking at what more needs to be done. It’s not at all impossible that they will get kicked out of school. However, it is also quite possible that they will have a chance to do it. They will, in any case, by the police and are being complied with.