The Federal government, the taxpayer has vehemently called for tax relief for the citizens. Association President Reiner wooden nail statedin Berlin: “We need to act now in economically good times.” It was at the time, to keep promises and to emphasize the solidarity surcharge completely. “Give the public coffers.”

wooden nail at the same time expressed massive criticism of Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD), who had also granted under reference to a slowdown in the economy, demands for a complete Soli-abolition of a cancellation. “Scholz records is always a lull when it comes to tax cuts, when it comes to relief for the citizens,” said wood nail.

the need for a tax reform to strengthen the middle-class citizens, and in addition, a corporate tax reform. “The entry for both of these reforms would be the complete removal of the solidarity surcharge. Thus, the tax would reduce the debt for the income tax to 5.5 percent.“

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The Union have decided on your Federal party, the solidarity surcharge to be completely eliminated, the CSU have spoken to your winter retreat of a tax brake, said wood, brand: “We must now see action.” The solos, the Union and the SPD plan for 2021 a reduction of € 10 billion Euro, intended to exempt 90 percent of the Soli-payer.

Scholz had said the “Bild am Sonntag”: “The beautiful time, in which the state assumes more and more control, as expected, comes to an end.” For 2018, you’ll be able to show a tax surplus, “but now the fat years are over. From now on, I don’t expect any unforeseen additional revenue.“

wood, nail said, the Numbers speak a different language. “The state can continue to expect strong revenue. The control springs. So much money had come from the public purse in Germany, never.“ Scholz put in spending a fun.