Ceasefire in Afghanistan – The Taliban promise to be a bit FriedenZum the end of Ramadan, the Taliban have announced a short break. The government in Kabul wants more.Tobias Matern0 comment and enjoy the rest of Ramadan: children in Kabul.Photo: Mohammad Ismail/Reuters

a few days ago from a “Declaration of war” by the government, the Taliban give in to tame had spoken. The Afghan Islamists want to at least leave for a few days the guns have fallen silent, after in the past few weeks, a stop on the next had to follow.

the Taliban has Appeased apparently, the Ramadan, for many Muslims a time of contemplation and reflection. At the end of lent, to celebrate the people in Afghanistan since Sunday with the traditional Visiting friends and Relatives extensively, troops to the Taliban in their attacks against the government or state agencies stop. Time to breathe for the people in Afghanistan, who are worn down by the constant attacks.

2000 prisoners come freely

President Ashraf Ghani responded with relief to the announcement. Many of him outgoing peace offers had to beat the Islamists first. In return for the announcement of the Taliban, Ghani promised to lay off up to 2000 enemy fighters from the prisons – as a gesture of good will.

in Addition, the government is trying to achieve with the Taliban an extended ceasefire, says Ghani’s spokesman. “The next step is direct negotiations between the Afghan government and the Taliban are.” For this, there is still no concrete date. “We hope that you will not see that war is the solution” and to the Afghan people the strong desire for peace enable.

Have done together: The Afghan President Ashraf Ghani (right) and Abdullah Abdullah. Photo: Reuters

The government had ended a few days ago a months-long, debilitating dispute between President Ghani and the previous government CEO Abdullah Abdullah. The latter now has a new, prestigious Post: Abdullah will lead the High peace Council, the body intended to bring peace talks with the Taliban on the way. This, succeeds a prominent entry in the history books would be safe with him, because Afghanistan has experienced for more than 40 years of wars with changing the parties to the conflict.

The camp of Abdullah also receives half of the Cabinet posts in Ghani’s government. The rivalry between the two men had kept the political Kabul in breathing and the Position of the Taliban further strengthened. Because time is on the side of the Islamists: they have achieved at the end of February, a bilateral agreement with the United States, therefore, the last Western troops in Afghanistan are to leave by the end of April 2021. The Taliban in return for a security guarantee from Afghan soil, no terrorist danger more.

The Islamists have made a Deal with the US on troop withdrawal.

At the behest of the Taliban, Ghani’s government was not allowed to participate in the talks. The Islamists now have a – on the terms and conditions Deal with the United States, attached to the troop withdrawal. The Americans expressed according to the agreement with the Taliban, the hope is that within 100 days of the Afghan government and the Taliban to a peace could be reached.

But this proves to be an Illusion. Ghani and Abdullah are in the face of the trigger date under time pressure, because the Western protection in the foreseeable future, the country will leave. At least the majority of Afghans believe that US President Donald Trump, regardless of the status of the intra-Afghan peace process will deduct the troops.

behind the men from Pakistan

The United States welcomed the ceasefire. This is an opportunity, “should not be missed is clear,” said Zalmay Khalilzad, the US special envoy for Afghanistan. It is not the first Time that the Taliban at the end of Ramadan to declare a truce – even in 2018, they had decided to go for a short fire break. But soon after, they continued their fight against the government troops. In Kabul it is still identified that parts of the Pakistani security apparatus to control the Taliban and still no interest in a lasting peace in Afghanistan.

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