Yes, you are portly, the chambers of industry and Commerce, and sometimes they seem to be in Would be solidified. Alone the building of the chamber of industry and Commerce Frankfurt: a magnificent building, of course – but one from the 19th century. Century, of the more of the glorious past of the business metropolis, serves as a reminder of her but no less proud presence. And yet, The chambers are still used. Not only because of their diverse tasks, for instance in the training. But also, because entrepreneurs would not otherwise have a voice less in the public discourse that is increasingly against the free economic order, although the German, and the Frankfurter owe her all prosperity.

Manfred Köhler

Deputy Department head of the Regional section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and editor of the business magazine Metropolitan.

F. A. Z.

Even more important, who is at the head of the chamber of Commerce. If tonight more than 1800 business owners and managers of Frankfurt, the Main-Taunus and the hochtaunus in the venerable building of the stock exchange of the main metropolis to a new year reception will gather, you will be greeted for the last Time by Mathias Müller as President. Because his term runs out after a decade in the spring. Two periods of five years: More of the articles of Association do not approve of your President as well as his deputies, and the Vice President.

But who will follow Muller? Sure He is: or you will have to come from the circle of 141 entrepreneurs and managers who have applied to one of the 89 seats in the new Assembly of the chamber. Once this ballot is completed, the four weeks – the member companies select by letter or online, it will seriously begin the discussion of who comes from the members of the Parliament of the economy for the Post in question.

best medium-sized companies

are not Required little. Who represents the company is one of the most important metropolises of the country, should know how to run a business. At best, a mid-sized company that not only would be, as a Manager, with the money of other applications, but with its own. He should not be too young, because experience counts, if the President wants to be taken seriously. He should have a lot of time for his new office; at best, if a Manager or son or daughter lead the current business. He should not have too much time. Because the current business in the chamber of managing Director is done. To be President is and will remain a volunteer.

next, the President should think politically. This means: He should know what will be the effect of his words politically, he should be like a chess player, several moves ahead. And he should be in the subject that he can Express him / herself spontaneously, without a script, sure. He should be able to represent, in a word, the economy prudently and safely. In Hamburg, the most important buildings of the municipal policy and the economy, the town hall and the seat of the chamber of Commerce, back-to-back. You have so clearly of the same rank. This is not in Frankfurt, structurally so. But a chamber of Commerce and industry President should be able to talk as a representative of the economy, the Frankfurt keeps on living, with the Lord mayor at eye level.

but the distance to the policy. Joint bodies are not the solution, corporatism is merely the different interests become blurred, and there are already too many round tables and forums. Policy and business organisations have different tasks, and if it gets tough, when local politicians turn against the companies that want to increase taxes, commercial crop, the farms on the extent regulate, then the President of the chamber, must also be able to fight back, in turn, hard.