The Start of the Handball world championship: For all of us fulfilled a dream


    The German handball players raved about long after your perfect world Cup kick-off of the great atmosphere in the Berlin Arena, the national coach took the next tasks into the visor. “We all know that it was only the Start and must leave the game behind us quickly,” said Christian Prokop after the loose 30:19 (17:10) against Korea and added, with a view to the match on Saturday (18.15 PM in the F. A. Z.-liveticker for the Handball-world Cup in ZDF) against Brazil: “There’s a completely different caliber is waiting for us.”

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    The South Americans had a team that had “a lot of physique”. “You play physically tough and aggressive and are very well rehearsed,” said Prokop: “We play at home.” They wanted to cheer for the “awesome atmosphere” and “the performances continue to enjoy”. A further success, the German Team can already set the course for a spot in the main round. The players raved about long after the final whistle of the mood in the sold-out Arena. “As we have seen, the full Arena and on the field, has been fulfilled for us all to be a dream,” said left winger Matthias Musche: “The feeling is hard to describe. This is Pride and joy.“ The Magdeburg spoke of a “beautiful kick-off match”.

    this was also The case for the viewers ‘ interest:In the first game in the free-to-air television after about six years, saw an average of 6,11 million people. This resulted, according to the ZDF with a market share of 23.6 percent. In the case of the two previous world Championships, there were only Broadcasts in the Pay-TV (2015) and the Internet (2017).

    the game plan of the Handball world championship 2019 in Germany and Denmark

    The sporting knowledge of a successful start at the world Championships at home were limited, even when Procopius took the knowledge that “we work in many areas”. Now, the tactical preparation for the match against Brazil begins. Only in this game will show how stable the German team at the start of the tournament already. Some of it was against Korea, another in need of improvement.

    defenses: On the Defensive, the DHB-selection count in the rule. “We have two defense systems,” said Prokop. This was against the not only physically clearly inferior Koreans. However, specialists such as Patrick Wiencek, Finn Lemke or Hendrik Pekeler were on the Defensive, ultimately, a little surprised at the fact that the arbitrator had already pronounced for the relatively innocuous Offense, Two-minute penalties. “In principle, it is always so, that the referees are trying, at the beginning of the tournament, the line of the world Federation to enforce. Therefore, it’s hailing there’s always an awful lot of time penalties,“ said Pekeler. “The sets in the course of the tournament, most of the time.”

    concentration: , The German team missed to achieve an even clearer result. This was, as often in the past of a lack of concentration in the financial statements. “What has pleased me so, for sure our chance of recovery,” said Prokop. “But I don’t want to hang out today, to the great bell.” He said, ultimately: “This will be no Problem. All are highly trained.“ In addition, he liked the small amount of technical errors. “We have got all the players in the tournament. This is a positive finding,“ said Prokop.