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The panel of independent Arbitration -Rules Committee- the 36th America’s Cup sailing has rejected the request of the u.s. team ‘Stars + Stripes’ you can use a moncasco AC75 another computer to be able to compete in the same.

The Committee has ruled that an american team could not use a AC75 built outside of the united States because it determines the regulation-the so-called Deed of Gift – that collects all the rules that govern the America’s Cup.

The ‘Stars + Stripes’ that budget problems had not been able to build their own AC75, requested the Emirates Team New Zealand if it would be possible to be able to have his first AC75, ‘the Ieha’ (the Seagull), as the new zealand team, defending the title, was going to compete, both in the World Series next December as the end of the 36th America’s Cup with its second ship of the latest generation.

The american team, led by the sailors in american and world champions Taylor Canfield and Mike Buckley, and who represents the Long Beach Yacht Club in california, has asked that if that decision is applied only to the end of the America’s Cup against the defender, the Emirates Team New Zealand and not to the Cup, Prada or tournament challenging that I expected to play.

The Arbitration Panel has given a final answer clear: “the rule applies in all situations without exceptions.”

The three unions challenging: the Italian ‘Luna Rossa Prada’, the british INEOS, the UK and the ‘American Magic’ american, like the defender, the Emirates Team New Zealand, were consulted by the Committee before taking the decision.

Leaving aside the regulations, it was unlikely that any of his rivals would have been interested in that americans use the AC75 new zealand given the amount of data that the team of New Zealand has on the development of the ‘I Ieha’ and compete in the Cup Prada, even though it was in other hands, could harm the rest of the teams.

The teams now have a first appointment in the Series World of Christmas, from 17th to 20th of December, where the three challenging will sail together with the Team of New Zealand.

Later, the defiant held the Cup Prada from 15 January to 22 February and the winner will face the defending champion, Emirates Team New Zealand, from 6 to 21 march, where it will come out the winner of the 36th America’s Cup.

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