Molenbeek-saint-jean –

finally, In the Brussels municipality of Molenbeek-Saint-jean, in the night from Saturday to Sunday, the six individuals are caught being touched by carbon monoxide. The cause of the poisoning was a keukenbrand earlier in the night, scorched and the residents extinguished it was. That the report from the Brussels fire department.

The emergency services were Saturday at around 0.30 hrs called for in the Korenbeekstraat in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek as an elderly woman who is there for you too. The woman is suffering from a chronic illness and their family members in fear that they will have an attack of the disease came from.

“But once you have it in the house, was the CO-reporter of the ambulanciers right from the start, and it showed a CO level of 2, which indicates a high level of concentration,” says Walter Derieuw, spokesman for the Brussels fire department. “Right away, several ambulances, and a MOSQUITO team for assistance call. The old woman was really in to it and was under the supervision of, the MOSQUITO, and a doctor transferred to the hospital. The five other members of the family have had to go to the hospital to be.”


The cause of the CO poisoning was with a small keukenbrand earlier in the evening, it had scorched. A frying pan had caught fire, and the fire was out by the residents themselves has been extinguished. Who had afterwards left the house to the condition, so that the whole of the rest of the evening, the CO of the fire, it had to breathe.

“We want the population to once again point out the danger of CO,” according to the brandweerwoordvoerder, “And to insist that any heating system serviced by a qualified technician, are the chimneys and leaves streaks and a smoke vents to let a tune-up, and allows for natural ventilation.”