The us Senate on a proposal for an end to the for more than a month of ongoing budget dispute in the United States. Neither the draft of the Republicans, from President Donald Trump even the design of the Democrats was able to achieve on Thursday afternoon (local time) the necessary 60 percent majority in the Parliament chamber. In order for the fronts to stay in contention for the “Shutdown” hardened. In the center of the budget dispute, the since shortly before Christmas, parts of the government to a standstill, Trumps demand for money for a wall on the border to Mexico.

In one aspect, in the Shutdown dispute, the Democrats put through, however, in response To pressure from Trump suspended his for next Tuesday’s scheduled speech to the Nation on the time after the “Shutdown”. Traditionally, the President gives the “State of the Union” in the house of representatives, controlled since January by the Democrats. The Chairman of the chamber, the Democrat Nancy Pelosi, denied him the due to the “shutdown”.

Trump had originally insisted to speak in the house of representatives, forming together with the Senate and the Congress. On Wednesday evening (local time) after he gave then. He wanted to find an alternative location for the speech, he shared on Twitter. No venue can compete with the history, the Tradition and the importance of the Parliament chamber.

Democrats with more Yes-votes

While the Democrats control the house of representatives, have Trumps Republican majority in the Senate. However, they hold only 53 of the 100 seats. Therefore, it was already been expected that the vote on the competing proposals, none of them achieved the necessary 60 votes. It was remarkable, however, that the proposal of the Democrats got more votes than the Trumps: 52 voted for your proposal, only 50 for the Trumps.

The Republicans were about trump’s proposal to the vote, including $ 5.7 billion for the construction of a border wall. In turn, around a Million migrants would have been prohibited, in accordance with Trumps three-years of protection from deportation. The Democrats are opposed to a border wall.

the draft of The Democrats, the stand then to the vote, contained no money for it. The proposal saw instead of a temporary financing of the disused parts of the government up to the 8. February. Time for new negotiations on border security should be created.