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At the aquarium of the Antwerp Zoo had visitors over the weekend, a few tasty sight to be seen. The shark swam around a while, with the tail of a young shark out of his mouth came up. He had the animal killed. “An unfortunate and unusual occurrence,” said spokeswoman Ilse Segers. “But it’s the instinct of a great shark, you can’t turn it off.”

“Ah, quite so, of Antwerp, to miss you is a haaitje?”, wrote one visitor to the zoo on Sunday, on Twitter. He also shared a video of a great zwartpuntrifhaai, which is not disturbed by rondzwom into an aquarium while at the tail end of a much smaller stierkophaai out of his mouth was located.

“It’s an unfortunate and unusual coincidence,” said Ilse Segers, president of the center of the city. The two zwartpuntrifhaaien sit there for months, along with the two stierkophaaien, and there are two other kinds of shark, (bamboehaaien and tapijthaaien, editor’s note) . There are other fish in the. Never had that trouble has ensued. To the present day.”


now, as to Why the zwartpuntrifhaai of the smaller shark being attacked, we’ll probably never know for sure. “It may be that he is unwell, or just a little foolish, because he was sick,” says Seger. “The instinct of zwartpuntrifhaaien at the top. That have been and continue to be, nevertheless, hunters, and behavior, or you can get a trigger for him to clean up after. We will be trying to avoid that by giving them plenty of food, but it’s always possible.”

The other stierkophaaitje has taken the precaution of moving it to a different tank, but it needs to not have to worry about it if it’s not sick, or ill will. “It doesn’t seem to be that there is something to note, the swim will be somewhere else, happy around them.”

The zwartpuntrifhaai is now not possible for other animals to start attacking. There is always a trigger is required. “The bigger the shark out of the aquarium, pick up does not make any sense,” says Seger.

the Tail end of the beak,

It is located in the nature, but sometimes the big sharks of the smaller ones to eat, for example, after a heated argument. It is a small animal that is defenseless against the fast-paced and deadly, and larger sharks. That eating schedule is fast, the hunter is swimming for a couple of days or weeks, depending on the size of the target, around the animal’s mouth. The tail of it, there’s a way, you will get a low-appetizing sight on it.

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