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After several days of negotiations, yesterday he put an end to the tension between banks and the Ministry of Labour. As was published ABC, some entities (those integrated in the ECSC, as Caixabank and Bankia) refused to continue advancing money from the ERTE due to errors that had been occurring in the lists that you sent them the Public Employment Service (SEPE) . Everything was fixed in the day yesterday: the Government will reimburse the dealer the money first, said that he had to recover from its customers, according to financial sources.

The big problem between both parties was that the SEPE told the entities that I had to recover users money badly paid, because of the lists of beneficiaries who returned the first. This was a reputational harm to the banks, such as confirmed by financial sources, and the associated institutions of the ECSC opted to leave to advance the benefits until that is corrected the error and give a solution to the situation.

After several meetings and calls, the SEPE has agreed with the bank would be the institution dependent of the Ministry of Labour that would solve the problem. First, they will pay to the entities of the money have not been return customers; after you, will be the Public Employment Service who have to deal with those workers to regularize the situation. Also, this promised to rectify possible errors in the future.

All this means that the banking is released from the responsibility of having to require their customers a refund of a STRONG . The subject matter was of more concern in the sector, although not all were in the same situation.

José María Roldán, president of the AEB , he tried to downplay the relevance of the subject matter to ensure that errors were normal in a situation like this. A stance that contrasted with that of the ECSC, which announced that it would stop advancing temporarily the benefits and convening the monitoring committee of the agreement signed with the Executive. Now the waters have returned to its bed.

The minister of Labour, Yolanda Diaz, said yesterday in parliament that the only thing that I could tell to the banks was, “thank you.” Words of gratitude for the work they had been doing in this matter, in a clear sign that everything was beginning again to walk the good path.

What still remains in limbo is how you are going to retrieve the SEPE now the money badly paid of the ERTE. Sources consulted by ABC show that could detract from future benefits until the “count” is zero. From the Ministry of Labour does not explain how you will carry out this end.