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The tomb of Cleopatra is one of the great mysteries of humanity still unresolved, this ruled even a committee of experts consulted by the BBC. And now the mummies of two ancient egyptians of high status discovered in a temple in the delta of the Nile can bring the researchers to find the remains of the legendary egyptian queen.

The mummies, which had lain motionless for 2,000 years, are in a poor state of preservation because the water had infiltrated the tomb, according to The Guardian. But they were originally covered with gold leaf, a luxury reserved only for the main members of the elite of the society, which means that they may have interacted personally with Cleopatra, explains: “The Daily Mail”.

Some believe that it was buried in Alexandria, where he was born and ruled from his royal palace. Others suggest that his final resting place could be some 48 kilometres away, in the ancient temple of Taposiris Magna , built by his ancestors in the Nile delta. And here is precisely where you have found these two mummies, in a discovery described as “sensational” because it shows the importance of a necropolis that is linked to it.

The excavations at Taposiris Magna are in charge of the specialist Kathleen Martinez , who, after working there for over 14 years, is more than ever convinced that the tomb of Cleopatra will be found there. In fact, it has only been studied for a small percentage of the vast enclave.

A new documentary recounting all of this, called “ The Hunt for Cleopatra”s Tomb” , will be screened this Thursday on Channel 5 in the Uk. There exist other previous discoveries by this team, according to “The Guardian”, who has had access, for example a statue without a head of a pharaoh, is believed to have been the king Ptolemy IV, the ancestor of Cleopatra, also an inscription shows that the temple was dedicated to the god Isis —Cleopatra considered herself the reincarnation of human of Isis— or in the side of the altar, where the priests were to lead the offerings,

they found 200 coins with the name and the face of the pharaoh .