student Nurse Vanessa is at night, strangled to death in her room. Your classmate, Anika (Lucie Hollmann), your looks amazingly similar, is horrified: Who could Vanessa have done this? First of all, suspect the commissioners Stellbrink (Devid Striesow), and Marx (Elizabeth bridge) to the assistant physician, Dr. Sharifi (Jaschar Sarabtchia) that shortly before Vanessa’s death to sleep with her. He shows himself to the commissioners, however, extremely self-aware. The impressed.

the claim stellbrink and Marx also of Kamal (El Mehdi Meskar), Anika’s boyfriend, a fugitive Christian from Egypt who tolerated his little brother in Saarbrücken, “” will be. Anika has recently found out that Kamal is working as a mole for the aliens authority. What if Kamal wanted to kill Anika, and Vanessa has just confused in the dark? Not a subject would be Anika’s Knowledge of his informant activity?

While Stellbrink deals with the foreigners authority, the volunteer Doctor, Dr. Bindra (Franziska Schubert), for the Association “medicine for asylum” Anika and Vanessa volunteers worked late into the field of view of the commissioners. Dr. Bindra and Vanessa were recently in the hair.

The Sunday night Thriller in the test of Reality.


question 1: student nurse Vanessa is strangled to death, while their fellow students celebrate the inside out. As this return to the nurses ‘ home, begin the commissioners immediately of the survey (Minute 14), although the students still seem to be under the influence of alcohol. You should not wait a “drunk tank”?

answer Melanie Mohr Bach (detective chief Commissioner and spokesperson of the police Presidium of Saarland):

First, it is for the police is important to get as much information as possible in such a case. In order to gain a General Overview of the sequence of events, be interviewed, the crime scene people present initially for informational purposes. One of the people interviewed as a witness, or a witness, but a suspect or suspects, informed the police according to their Status in the investigation proceedings about their rights. The respondents work under the influence of alcohol, you are in the police report. Under certain circumstances, can also be carried out a breath alcohol test; the result of which is also noted in writing in the file. Whether the statement is now before the court, recyclable or not, has to decide the competent judicial authorities.


question 2: Shortly before her death, has Vanessa with Dr. Sharifi slept, what this admits. On the Bureau in connection to the survey, a penis swab (Minute 20). What, it is hoped that this smear is not to find out, if he denies the sex with Vanessa anyway?

answer Melanie Mohr Bach: