As a “crime scene” to its home meets, once again, an assignment with flying colours, the socio-historical relevance. Shortly after the closure of the last of the subsidised coal mine in the Ruhr area, daily Abmurkser on the topic appears in the ARD of the Sundays. The Film takes us straight into a complete washed up Region out of Spite and warmth. In road trains full of mining damage, in which one must “structure of change” for Chinese. In pubs, where the “tasty Pils”, the last liquid is home of the best#, even from the taps flows how to Schimanskis times. Director Andreas Herzog, a Bavarian, staged in the Ruhr area, as it is according to all the Sunday North Rhine-talk-Westphalian politician should not be long, but in many Places still is.

“anger” is the name of the Film, which indicates, without a lot of double meaning on the mood of the miners in their dilapidated huts, to which no one cares any more here – a little harder than in reality. Only the Ghost train in the “world of experience in coal & steel” is looking for workers. The Dismantling realized mine before sending in turn a Ex-mate (Peter Kremer) as an intermediary, offers to the unemployed EUR 20,000 for their damaged houses. Three of our friends, the seditionist, Andreas (Daniel Fritz), of the just of his wife, abandoned Kaputtnik Stefan (Andreas doehler), and the angry sausage-Ralle (Thomas Lawinky), don’t want to put up with the lousy offer. Andreas, we are not to make alive. He is shot from behind, on a slag heap. The friends had each other’s secrets, as soon shows.

we Slept, if at all, on the service

The script-veteran Jürgen Werner, the inventor of the Dortmund Teams all around the life-weary choleric Faber, was apparently of the opinion that a gold Mine, how nice of the camera man Wolfgang Aichholzer gray-and-brown dreariness dipped, not translated easily into television gold. Obviously the Tuning of the narrative through a Reflection of the displeasure of the buddy, on the level of the four commissioners initially. Peter Faber (Jörg Hartmann) was missed also a sort of Reset to the factory default settings: The search for the killers of his family is back in the foreground; sleep, if at all, on the service; for the care of the body the mouth water, which swallows a Berserker such as he, of course, is sufficient: “smells better when you Fart”. If Faber ankumpelt frustrated grafters, self-justice-screech owls and other Suspicious in the sense of the word, the however, in spite of Hartmann’s robust style of play easy to set up.

but It is not the wild bull, which provides for the dispute in the Team, but also maturing, again from the panic attacks sufferers and, therefore, a number of times, taciturn new colleague Jan Pawlak (Rick Okon) starting at the end of a young Commissioner Nora Dalay (Aylin Tezel). Subtly devised or sensitively implemented, this development is not and is only undercut by the surprising panels of incidence, Commissioner Martina Bönisch, the of the game joyful Anna Schudt is embodied, a completely trivial, even at Münster-“Tatort”-level with the main happen verschleifte in addition to action to claim that she has back and a clownish chakras Guru with Bedroom eyes (Richard van Weyden). Since it is said that out of desperation, quietly, “Om”. Maybe the Dortmund is one Team simply select.