Santa Claus may not be coming to town, it seems.

Allen explained that Santa Claus entertainers, no matter what number one may be, are at high risk of suffering from COVID.

Darrick Betzenderfer will be among the Santas this year.

He said, “I want it so badly, I miss it,” “The children need Santa, especially at this time of the year.”

Many families make reservations weeks ahead of time so their children can meet Santa Claus.

You’ll find COVID-19 safety protocols if you can get a time slot. Many Santas have been vaccinated. Children can sit up to six feet from them, or even next to them, but not on their knees. For children over two years old, masks are required. Masks may be removed for photographs in certain cases. However, that is up to the customer.

Steven Sayers, Glendale Galleria’s senior general manager, stated that safety is number one for guests. It is their comfort level and how they feel about the sensory experiences that matters most.

Meeting Santa was an unforgettable moment for little kids like Dominic La Porte (3 1/2 years old)

It’s a great experience! He said that he enjoyed the experience.

Many holiday traditions were shaken up by COVID-19. These things can make Christmas a shambles, with Christmas trees becoming more expensive and even a spirit and wine shortage due to supply chain problems. The message of Christmas will not change despite the fact that the pandemic has changed the way we celebrate.

One Santa said, “I would love for people to be happy and to feel safe.”

Companies recommend that you make your reservations online as soon as possible if you want to meet Santa Claus.