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The sale of homes plummeted 53.7% the past month of may compared to the same month in 2019, adding 22.394 operations , their lowest this month since the start of the series, in 2007, and the lowest in any month since November 2013, according to has informed this Monday the National Statistics Institute (INE).

With this setback, the most pronounced of the entire series, the sale of homes chained three consecutive months of negative interannual rates after having fallen in march, an 18.6%, and in April a 39.2 per cent, months, affected by the alarm state and the pandemic of the Covid-19.

The INE remember that, as a result of the declaration of a state of alarm, it limited the freedom of movement of persons, with some exceptions, and has been grateful to the College of Registrars of Property and Mercantile of Spain (CORPME), the primary source of data for this statistic, the effort of information that has been made and which has made possible the publication of the may data with a response rate of 95%, similar to that of previous months.

The fall of merchantings of dwellings in may was a consequence of the reverse of the operations on housing used in 54.7%, to 18.122 transactions, and the crop on a to 48.7% in the sale of new homes, up to 4.272 operations. In both cases it is of the greatest flashbacks of all the historical series.

a total of 90.5% of the dwellings transferred by merchanting in the fifth month of the year were free homes and 9.5%, protected. The sale of homes free-fell to 53.6% in may in rate year-on-year, to reach 20.258 transactions, while the operations on protected housing fell by 54.2%, with 2.136 transaction.

In terms of monthly (may over April), the sale of homes decreased 10.6% , its biggest decline in this month in at least five years.

The past month of may, the highest number of merchantings of dwellings per 100,000 population occurred in the Community of Madrid (73), the Valencian Community (70) and Catalonia (68).

In absolute terms, Andalusia was the region that most operations on housing held in the fifth month of the year, with 4.310 sales, followed by Catalonia (4.047), Madrid (3.829) and the Valencian Community (2.790).

All communities have reduced their purchases of homes in may in the interannual rate. The largest setbacks were recorded in the Canary islands (-69,5%), the Valencian Community (-64,2%) and Asturias (-62,9%) and the lowest in Madrid (-38,7%) and Galicia (-44,7%).

Adding to the rustic and urban properties (dwellings and other properties of urban nature), the property transfers in the past month of may hit the 74.637, figure by 61.8% lower registered in the same month in 2019.

For sale is transmitted, a 59.6% less farms than in may 2019, while the transmissions by donation sank 61.9 per cent, and borne the swap decreased by 68.4 per cent. For its part, the operations for heritage declined to 68.6%.

According to the INE data, the number of merchantings of rustic properties decreased 70.2% year-on-year in may, up to a total of 4.097 operations, while sales of urban properties, including the dwellings, were reduced to 57.8%, up to 35.302 operations.

In may, the highest number of property transfers per 100,000 inhabitants was given in Castilla y León (276), Castilla-La Mancha (269) and Aragon (268). Madrid, with a decline of 53.4 percent, was the one that registered the lowest decrease year-on-year, while most defendants were in the Canary islands (-74,5%), Extremadura (-69%) and La Rioja (-68,7%).