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The 41st edition of the Rolex Middle Sea Race, one of the races of height, most important in the world, will start on the 17th of October, at 11:00 hours, as has been made official today by the Royal Malta Yacht Club (RMYC) organizer of the event, which has already published the notice of Race.

The regatta will have departure and arrival on the island of Malta with a tour of the 606-nautical mile (1.122 km). The fleet is part of The Valletta, heading north-east to Cape Passero in the south-west coast of Sicily, taking, heading north to cross the strait of Messina and reach the island of Stromboli where you veer to the southwest to the island of Favignana, at the northwest end of Sicily, virand heading south towards the islands of Pantelleria and Lampedusa, and turn to the northeast and to the goal of Malta.

During the last few weeks, the RMYC, with the advice of the World Health Organization and the government of Malta with respect to sanitary measures by the COVID-19 to sports participation as the races have been allowed to set this date.

Even so, the intention of the club to celebrate the regatta is still subject to changes in local circumstances and international, and to the evolution of the guidelines between June and October. The current plan is to review the protocols and the organization has reserved the right to change the notice of Race until 31 August.

Already before the crisis by the pandemic of the COVID-19 had received 29 entries to compete with vessels of countries such as Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Malta, Monaco, netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain, united States, Bahamas and Cayman Islands.

Among the usual test highlight the italians ‘Atame’, the Fast 42 Beppe Bisotto and ‘Chestress’, the J109 of Leonardo Petti, next to the French ‘Jeanne’, the JPK1030 Laurent Camprubi, and the Loot 56 ‘Black Pearl’ of the German Stefan Jentzsch, who is running out of build in the shipyard King Marine in Valencia.

One of the big favorites in this edition is the R&P 100 ‘Black Jack’ of australian Peter Harburg, who had already competed in the race as ‘Alfa Romeo II’ and ‘Esimit Europe 2’, beating five-times in real-time.

Also the VPLP100 ‘Comanche’ of the olympic medalist australian Mitch Booth with brands like the record Transatlantic West to East (Ambrose Light to Lizard Point), the Newport Bermuda Race and most recently, the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, wants to win in what will be their first participation.

The record of the regatta is in power, the Maxi us ‘Rambler’of George David, since 2007 with a time of 47 hours, 55 minutes, 03 seconds