There are things you can’t buy. And so cheesy that the love of sounds. This obviously applies also for the richest man in the world and his wife. As Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos on Wednesday on Twitter said, after 25 years of marriage, a divorce.

“We had such a great life together as a married Couple and we are looking forward to a wonderful future as parents, friends, partners in companies and projects,” it said in the Statement that suggests an amicable separation. Did you know at the time that they separate after 25 years, would you do it all over again just writing it. “We remain a family and we remain dear friends.” The Statement, according to friends and family already knew that from the divorce.

Who gets the money?

Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos met in 1992. Jeff Bezos was working in New York for the hedge Fund D. E. Shaw. MacKenzie Tuttle, as its former Name, came as an employee in the company. In 1993, the Couple married a year before Jeff Bezos founded. The Couple has four children: Three sons and an adopted daughter who comes from China.

Jeff Bezos is the Forbes magazine, the richest person in the world. His fortune was last estimated to be about 120 billion euros. The news Agency Bloomberg reported at the time of divorce, the laws of the state of Washington attack. There, the entire during of a marriage generated wealth will be distributed evenly on the Couple, if it could not agree otherwise. Jeff Bezos could lose the title as the richest person in the world, while his wife could be the richest woman in the world.

MacKenzie Bezos has studied at the elite Princeton University English. One of their professors, the literature Nobel prize winner Toni Morrison. The says of Bezos, that she was one of the best students you ever had in your course. Released in 2005, Bezos their first and so far only book as a writer: The Testing of Luther Albright. MacKenzie Bezos is believed to play a major role in the success of Amazon.

2014 founded the couple Bezos, the organization Bystander Revolution, what with onlookers-Revolution translate. The organization is against bullying and will be available on their website advice, such as Individual bullying situations can prevent.