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Mariano José de Larra warned him with his famous “come back you tomorrow.” For dealing with the Administration has always been necessary to be loaded value and time. A little bit more, if it is, just after the big blow of the pandemic coronavirus in Spain. And if not, just ask, for example, Pilar Abril, which takes weeks, becoming face to face with the doors of the Social Security to make the papers of the retirement of her husband: “ I’m calling since April and there is no way , this already happens on dark brown”.

“My husband did the 63-year-old on April 19 and shouted, but of course, the issue is that we try to manage it before but we were told that they could not do anything because it was all stopped by the theme of the coronavirus and that call and hear again the 15 days,” begins this woman, who did not give up: “Then I called again, I went to the Security and Social and there were no people to meet, it was closed, so I called the phone put on a piece of paper in the door and jumped off the answering machine because I did not answered”.

April, despite the problems, has insisted several more times during the past few weeks and even returned to the headquarters of the Social Security without being able to take to good port the procedure, as there are less staff than in a normal situation. “It also seems that we cannot do this management by internet”, says this woman teruel, who foretold that they will continue trying in spite of all these problems, that are not exclusive to individuals.

Recently closed the period for filing the income tax return and this procedure, that happens all the years, there has been a major drawback for all those who dominate the telematic tools that allow you to make the statement on the internet. However, those people who for lack of knowledge, age or any other reason are not used have had problems. More still to see how managers and tax advisors to the that used usually were overburdened with work.

Deadlines for tax

industry Sources consulted by ABC diagnosed that the main problem is that they do not have extended periods to perform certain steps, although the Administration has been down for weeks. Adolfo Jiménez, president of the Spanish Association of Tax Advisors and Managers Tax (Asefiget), explains that the avalanche of FATE that has occurred in the last few months has led to the templates of the assessments to the limit of its capacity. “In all of the sites, half of the template is with the FATE . All we have had to divert some horrific efforts in the area of labour and they are still working on it because now you are updating many procedures of ERTE. That, coupled with the fact that no postponement of the tax…” sighed Jimenez.

“It’s an avalanche of work and I do not understand is that if you have stopped the country, and we are all working in the worst conditions, have not extended the deadlines”, he criticizes Alberto Hernández, manager of study advisory Round, Teruel, who received the call in April when it found that it could not handle the retirement of her husband. “Advisors come to us are people who before went to the table of Social Security or Treasury and that these days they have not attended”, confirmed Hernández, who acknowledges to have been doing tax returns until just a few hours before the close of the term, and had, even, to renounce to work.

“The cargo has been brutal and has not been the slightest compassion,” censorship Jimenez, who is aware of that, although it has come the heat and the coronavirus Administration take to walk little by little, we have a summer and a year-end closing complicated ahead. People will continue knocking at the doors of an Administration that is more saturated than usual and you have to keep telling to many that “return you tomorrow.”

“you Have the concern of what will happen with the pension and all this we’re caught in the middle. But hey, don’t come more things . At least the family is well and we will fix the issue if God wants to,” said April trying to find a positive point to both problem.