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The growth of the phenomenon of “squatting” has entered into the political agenda and, especially, from the opposition have raised with the Executive several alternatives to reverse a trend that does not stop growing, in tandem of the deep economic crisis that leaves the pandemic:

Popular Party (PP)

The PP proposed a law against the illegal occupation of the dwellings, which included to retrieve the crime of theft with penalties of one to three years of prison and that is provided to the Police power to expel the “squatters” in a maximum of 48 hours. It is an initiative that the PP has already incorporated into its electoral programme in the past general elections. In addition,the popular pose that in that law to include prohibiting municipalities to allow register to the squats , as it is happening now.


Citizens presented the past month of July a proposition of law to streamline the eviction – occupied dwellings and toughen penalties. The text seeks to expedite the eviction of the immovable property and its recovery by p, as well as to toughen the punishment of offenders. Citizens proposed to thus modify the Law of Criminal Prosecution so that they can be held speedy trials for the crimes of burglary and theft . The initiative also includes a reform of the Penal Code to toughen penalties on the crime of usurpation.


Vox raises to toughen the criminal punishment to those who occupy illegally a house, expand the protection of the owners and train the security forces to evict to take care of when they are reported, and “there is appearance of occupation illegitimate.” According to Vox, the current criminal law of the crime of occupation of real estate will not give “sufficient response” to situations especially notable in some areas of the country.

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