as for The relocation of the headquarters of the federal police is the state administrative Centre (RAC) in Brussels offers a total of 40 million euros more in cost than what is required. In the absence of a pre-determined budget, it has a “hell of a machine set in motion, that the bill seriously over the top, it said the administrator-general, the Director of the building, Laurent Vrijdaghs, Wednesday, during a public hearing in the Room.

as for The government, and in april, a damning audit report of the Inspectorate of Finance, in which fuel wood was made of the manner in which the federal police has its headquarters located in 2014, the RAC submitted. In this case, it is at least 40 million of taxpayers ‘ money to a lot of spent time and The Time that the report was skewed in August.

as for The government-Leterme decided by the end of 2009, the federal police the federal judicial police of Brussels, in the heart of the city, is one of the largest real estate operations in the years ahead. However, the Direction of the building, there was really not prepared for, was decided by the Inspectorate of Finance. Especially with the lack of a comprehensive list of needs and requirements was a major concern because of the direction the government is, therefore, no estimate of the cost more.

The sale price of the building is a minimum of 11 per cent is too high, which is consistent with an additional cost of 23 million is spread out over 18 years of age. In addition, the surface area is too large. Finally, ontspoorden the cost of the building work that followed. In total, the cost of the project, including the lease over 18 years of age, of 312 million euros.

in Addition, the law on public procurement, in accordance with the Inspection of Finances has not been respected, because of a European-wide call for candidates is launched. One, a building promoter was, therefore, unjustified because it sounds, in the report.

No budget

According to the Vrijdaghs, administrator-general, the Director of the building, that’s the problem, especially at the pre-determined budget. That was not pre-determined, so there is a derailment it could have been. The police have imposed the new requirements, they said on Wednesday during a public hearing in the Room. “If there is fiscal slippage, is that because it is only half of the budget is pre-determined, which is a hell of a machine and in the process put on hold.”

finally, The Inspection of Finances, and it has a long list of recommendations drawn up as a result of the audit. That have to be worked out, and made Vrijdaghs, and authorized the minister Koen Geens (CD&V). The transformation of the Direction of the building, to a company limited by shares, a public limited company shall be examined, said the Man, but the decision will be for the next government. Is that the new regulations should be in the Direction of greater autonomy relative to the government, and in recruiting will be easier for them. Currently 690 people in the Direction of the building, in a context of 967 employees.

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