Kamerfractieleider President of the Council (in Green) wants to clear the purple and yellow track for the creation of a new federal government a chance to succeed. If it is not, then there is a second possible way, in order to form a government, namely, blue-green, said the Council on Wednesday Morning on Radio 1. However, he warned that the purple and yellow don’t need to rely on the greens for a community’s story.

The news came as somewhat of a surprise. Preformateurs, Geert Bourgeois, and He kris peeters, minister had a meeting with the Ecological and Green. State, informateurs, Johan Vande Lanotte, and Didier Reynders were, after all, in the direction of a coalition of socialists, liberals, and the N-VA, and called for the greens for quite a while, not any more. Ecological also didn’t want to sit around the table with the Flemish nationalists.

the Member of the Council, confirmed on Wednesday that a discussion had taken place. Apart from the confessions, to force, give the Council that it had not changed much. “They’re working on a pink and yellow trail. Now in the short term, prove to be, or that, to be viable,” according to the Council. He noted that there is still another possibility, namely, purple, and green. “It’s not easy, but it’s up to each of the political families and the differences must be overcome”.

It is also that, in particular, the Open Vld (almost a thousands have voiced their opposition to a government with the greens. Kamerfractieleider Egbert Lachaert stated on Tuesday that the Ecological than the program of a ritual, it would have to burn it. “A stupid and regrettable decision”, is the response of the Council. He noted that the Ecolo in Wallonia and in the sea, went with MR, the French-speaking zusterpartij from the Open-Vld, in Brussels, Open Vld itself. “What We have shown is that which the greens and the responsibilities of recording, they can do so with confidence”.

The priority for the greens, it is located in the klimaatambitie, and the fight against inequality. A reform of the state, it is “not a priority”, says the Council on this. The N-VA has repeatedly stated that it only wants to negotiate with the socialist party, if it is confederalisme on the table-lands, but there is still a purple-and-yellow, no two-thirds majority for a constitutional reform to be implemented.

as of And for the greens, do not seem to be willing to participate. “There’s only one of the parties that the community will play”, refers to the Council by the N-VA. “It’s confederalisme, which is similar to the brexit: clarity and chaos. I just think that the priorities lie elsewhere”.

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