the Following month, Russia, and Belgium in Saint-Petersburg in the programme, in the european CHAMPIONSHIP qualifiers, but the chances are that the poster is still in the final tournament next summer. With the current state of play of the Red Devils, after all, only group B will be allocated on the EURO by the year 2020. There, again, Russia and, most likely, Denmark will be the opponents.

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Two of the times equal. More to do with the Red Devils not to do so next month against Russia and Cyprus, in order to ensure that the state of the seed to the EURO by the year 2020. The Belgians, with their perfect 24 out of 24 in their qualifying group, in the pole position is a place for the best of the six, which make them top performers, such as Italy (24 on the 24th), the uk (15 to 18), the Netherlands (15 to 18), and Spain (20 to 24), and, surprisingly, Ukraine (19 and 21) would come.

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now, interestingly enough, were the Red Devils, given the current state of affairs is still waiting for the draw of all of the uncertainty about, and two of their three opponents. This has a lot to do with the organisation of EURO 2020, which for the first time, across the whole of Europe will be played out. For practical reasons, the locations in advance, is recorded, making the twelve countries are already aware of the group in which they are going to be met for qualification. In addition to sit by of Italy (group A), Netherlands (group C) England (group D) and Spain (group E) or four reekshoofden.

No top, if Denmark is to qualify

In Belgium, and Ukraine, of the other two teams, which as a seed in a pot, 1 in principle, there are only two possibilities: either the group B match in Russia, and Denmark, and in group F, with Germany and Hungary, as the game is played. Only the European football body UEFA for political reasons is not Ukraine, and Russia meet in the group stage. If there is not a lot of change,, Belgium at EURO 2020, which can only be group B’s land, and play it in June and again in Saint-Petersburg, russia, against Russia.

Canada is well on its way to qualification for EURO 2020 after a 1-0 win against Switzerland last month. Photo: associated press

for The second opponent for the Red Devils, it will probably be Denmark. Denmark is the host country that may have been assigned to group B, and it is at the moment on the road to qualification for EURO 2020. They come in their last two matches is enough for a four-by-six, at Gibraltar, and the republic of Ireland. In this way, Belgium would also top performers such as Germany, France, and Portugal, which is not a seed, it come.

in Belgium, along with Italy, Poland, portugal, Russia, Spain and Ukraine are already assured of participation in the EURO by the year 2020. The Red Devils will play their final two european CHAMPIONSHIP kwalificatiematchen on Saturday, november 16th, in Russia, and on Tuesday, november 19, at home against the Spurs. The draw for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS on Saturday the 30th of november, with the possibility of an additional draw, after the end of the play-offs on april 1, 2020.

Matches 13, 17, 18, and 22 may?

matches in group B will be in St. Petersburg, and Copenhagen will be played. Each city will have three matches. The first match will take place on Saturday, June 13th, the second on Wednesday the 17th and Thursday the 18th of June, and on the third day, on Monday, the 22nd of June. As a non-host to play, the Red Devils have at least one in every town.

Overview of pre reekshoofden:

1. Belgium (24 of 24)

you can be Sure of the status, as the seed when: . it’s a win in Russia, or if it is gelijkspeelt in Russia and at home, is not lost to the republic of Cyprus.

2. Italy (24 of 24)

you can be Sure of the status, as the seed when: , the two six-packs at, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the united arab emirates.

3. Ukraine (19th to 21st)

you can be Sure of the status, as the seed when: in the final match to lose in Russia.

4. The united kingdom (15th to 18th)

you can be Sure of the status, as the seed when: , with the six-on-six picks in his last two games, against Montenegro and Kosovo.

5. In the netherlands (15th to 18th)

you can be Sure of the status, as the seed when: , with the six-on-six picks in his last two matches against Northern Ireland and Estonia.

6. Spain (20 of 24):

you can be Sure of the status, as the seed when: , with the six-on-six picks in his last two games against cyprus, Malta, and Romania.

for More on the Red Devils of Our voetbalredactie to choose his 23 the Red Devils to the european CHAMPIONSHIP POLL. You have to choose your the 23 Red Devils in time for EURO 2020, Eden Hazard and donates shoes to the fans of the Devil: “The left hand of Eden will be a place for me at home,” head Coach Roberto Martinez says it like it is: “Batshuayi will need to play more at Chelsea,”