On May 18, 2015, Marc-Olivier Fogiel receives Jean-Luc Lahaye about his conviction for corruption of a minor. The singer then declared on the airwaves of RTL: “Do I have to fuck Julie Pietri? No thanks ! “. Words that offended the singer, who decided to file a complaint for defamation. If she ended up withdrawing it in March 2016, the two stars of the 80s did not stop sending spades each time they were interviewed.

In an interview with Le Figaro, Jean-Luc Lahaye explains that the estrangement actually started long before his declaration on the radio. It all started when the interpreter of the tube Eve, get up, would have betrayed his friend after the start of his legal troubles. “Julie Pietri proved to be a very bad friend when I had welcomed her into my home like a sister, after a heartbreak. As soon as I was taken off the tour, she poured out her meanness on me. In emails sent to my friends, she said: “you can bring your girls, Jean-Luc will no longer be on the tour”, he recalls. He goes on to explain that his pike was a revenge: “that’s why in May 2015, I let go of this little boorishness at the microphone of Fogiel on RTL which earned me a lawsuit”.

And, Jean-Luc Lahaye does not intend to renew ties with Julie Pietri. Although the latter has withdrawn the complaint filed against him, he says: “Today, [she] is invisible to me. If my friendship is missed, I withdraw it for life.”

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