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The Real Madrid sum of three consecutive victories which have catapulted to the leadership, but it feels uncomfortable, demeaned, diminished, shamed, because they do not value their football nor their eight goals, and notes that only speaks of the arbitrators, as if those eight goals would have marked Velasco Carballo from a “bar” of Las Rozas .

The leader feels devalued, cariacontecido because “it looks like we don’t do anything in the field”. Sees that it has generated an environment that dictates that “if we are the first in the ranking is because they help us”. And “that” is inadmissible” for the professionals of the entity.

Zidane: “What bothers me is that it only speaks of one thing, the referees, and it seems that we don’t do anything in the field”

The captains, the rest of the campus and the coaching staff held talks in the locker room Anoeta, which continued yesterday in Valdebebas. The template and the trainers advocate “the professionalism of the arbitrators Spanish,” and defend “our honor as leaders, a first position achieved by its own merits, not others”.

Yesterday they were amazed, not surprised, by the look that took the events. is For the search controversy in order to speak only of the arbitrator and the VAR, not to mention the good match they made.

And that that the VAR will furnish

are outraged, especially because both the players as the coaching staff think that the referee Catalan Estrada Fernández “was right on everything and went to the VAR to verify.” is Also, “it was informed at all times by the vídeoarbitraje from the control of las Rozas”. The most important thing for Real Madrid is that “was ratified in all its decisions.” Therefore, from Valdebebas is understood that “the controversy that is generated is fictitious, artificial, after the performance of the vídeoarbitraje and confirmation of decisions”.

Zidane and judges the three actions polemics: “there Was a penalty on Vinicius; the goal of the Royal Society is well aborted because Merino is out of the game and cap to Thibaut, and the goal of Benzema is valid,”

The costume was not surprised because she sees that “eats a broth of culture of antimadridismo”. The body technician and the staff were clear in their vision: “it Seems that upset that Real Madrid will win the League”. And above all, they stressed that catchphrase that has been sown is now: “ Up to the VAR I benefit”. Bothering them especially when you have been harmed by Villar and Sanchez Arminio for many years, especially during the last decade, in this chapter of the arbitrations.

zinedine Zidane has been blunt to the analysis of this situation: “What bothers me is that in the end is not only a thing of the arbitrators. Here there is a team, there are games that do since the start of the season and it seems that we are here and we have not done anything in the field. The controversy we have no control. What I can say is that we won on the field and it is a victory well deserved”.

Real Madrid has complained to the League by only have 64 hours of rest in between the match against Getafe and the visit to the Athletic, when the minimum rest required is 72 hours

The French coach felt slighted because the VAR confirmed the decisions taken at the grass and not emphasised that aspect. He appreciated the goal annulled to the Royal Society: “The outside game is well marked, Courtois was plugged and didn’t see. I’ve seen the image, Merino was in offside position and was irked to Thibaut and what has blown. It is already”. is The penalty to Vinicius it was evident to the technician marseillais : “There is a penalty to Vinicius in the first goal. And the goal from Karim is valid. But I will not get in if it is for or against. There is a referee that does their job. I would like to talk about football, of the party”.

Federico Valverde also considered on the lawsuit: “ I’m Not going to talk about the controversy, I’m a player , but Vinicius make him a penalty”. Not wanted to delve more, as this meant having to justify itself before each play. Zidane already talked about the three actions and enough was enough. You do not need endorsement.

to Cover the problem of other

template-based that give rise to the controversy only helped to cover up the problems of others. Opined that “with this campaign,” supports who are interested in opening this environment to grow to cover weaknesses.

“There is concern” in the team of the leader and in their coaches. “We have added all the ingredients to make the referees come out very depressed” at the next meetings of Real Madrid, in front of at Mallorca, Espanyol, Getafe and Athletic . And it bothers them because, if there is a move of doubtful, it will now be very difficult to judge for the referee to turn. “It has created an environment that will make it very difficult for the referees, is what has been sought,” says a professional from the white kitchen. “And keep in mind that a single decision can swing a League”.

“it Seems annoying that we can win the League, it has created a breeding ground of antimadridismo,” says the wardrobe for real madrid in their internal selves

The anger by the factor of arbitration, which has been raised externally as decisive, is important in the group. The leader has shone in these three encounters with Vinicius, with Benzema, with Hazard, with the return of Asensio, and that truth has remained in the background. Dangerous. Now, the arbitration will be the news persecuted in every day, not the game. The “trespass football” is prepared.