The re-opening of the cinemas Back in the SaalAm Saturday, the cinema to go again. The film editors to say, what have you done in the cinema free time and what you expect from the re-opening.Filmredaktion0 comment Eder the film release of “Pinocchio” at 9. July be rescheduled.Have been in our home, kneaded

A rainy afternoon, I had a strange-way. What to do? A Task with high priority: Find out if “Serpico” with Al Pacino to the successful works of Sidney Lumet or not (Spoiler: it is super). The procedure looked so, first of all, a Blu-Ray copy from the net sucking, claws, for private use, in Switzerland, people are allowed to. The File came to Server, and from there, it was more the recommend values Infuse App to the TV. The Film started about the New York Cop who wants to do only a decent job, but the corrupt world will not let him. In between had to dough to be kneaded for the leek pie, which is why “Serpico” and ran into the kitchen on the Tablet, of course, seamlessly. At the end of Al Pacino Sweat had flour on her forehead and I. That was also a magical Moment? (blu)

night visions

In the night, some of this is possible, and who then sits in the cinema, you can experience how it occurs hours later as a new person in the world. So it went for me anyway, to periods of study in Berlin. There was a cinema in Kreuzberg, and on weekends from 22 o’clock three films of a Director in a row played. After such 6-hour Sessions with David Lynch or Luis Buñuel, the real world wobbled considerably. In Zurich, a single Film: After a late showing of Quentin Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction handed to me later,” in the then shaft a mountain I staggered up against the middle of the night on the Rudolf-Brun bridge home full of clutter sucked with all sorts of Verse (I say only: Marsellus Wallace). Now, when the cinemas re-open are also scheduled night ideas again. If I’m going to go in a? No Idea. But I like the ability to be able to do it at any time. (zas)

escape from the sun

it’s high time that the cinema will rise again, especially because of the warm Season, the breaks now. I’m going to the loved one, if it is outside, Sunny and hot. For example, in the early afternoon or, even better, in the morning, in the cinema cities such as Paris, this is possible. “Are you crazy, in this weather?”, I get to hear so often. I mumble as answer some of the pleasant Coolness in the air-conditioned hall. But in truth and in fact it is something else: the cinema on a cheerful bright day for me the pleasant taste of the forbidden, it’s like playing hooky earlier. And it has another advantage: Often, I sit nearly alone in the hall, so no fluency and no disturbing noises. Because I feel treated me very well. When you get out, I want to thank go me like the staff has shown me the movie yet. Also something what you can not do in the home theater. (ml)


James Bond was the First to hit it: in the beginning of March, the cinema was cancelled the start of “No Time to die”. To the editors, we were able to scary to watch then, such as Film to Film from the program was taken; downright. A few had held out until the Federal Council on the 16. In March, the extraordinary position was stated as all the cinemas had to close also the last film releases were obsolete. Now we go on 6. June more. For the opening week, including Clint Eastwood’s announced “Richard Jewell”, based on the story of security guard who prevented a bomb attack. The youngest of the “Pinocchio”film, which should have been in March, will now start at 9. July. And James Bond? The is for 12. November recognized. (ggs)

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