The protesters in hong Kong, is targeted at the Us basketball star LeBron James, because, he said, had made such a LEAGUE-he signed up on Twitter in support of the protests in hong Kong had come out. According to James, who was the manager, Daryl Morey, the team, the Houston Rockets, is not very well informed.

At an event by the end of Tuesday to cease protesters of the shirt, and James is on fire. The others were internetmemes in English and Cantonese, which will show you how to James, the Chinese president, Xi Jinping to obey.

a Controversial tweet me on twitter:

Daryl Morey was on the 4th of October, an image will be placed, with the inscription, “Fight for Freedom Support hong Kong”. He removed the tweet quickly, but the decision to put China, almost immediately, into flames. This has led to the cancellation of some of the events and contracts throughout the country. The state broadcaster was sent to the friendly matches in the country, not any more.

The Houston Rockets have been the most popular NBA team in China as well, since the draft in 2002, Chinese center Yao Ming. He played it to the end of his career in 2011 in Houston, texas. Yao Ming is now the president of the Chinese basketfederatie relations with the basketploeg in response to the “inappropriate comments,” all of it has been lost.

Comment LeBron:

“We have the right to freedom of opinion and expression, but it can also be quite a few years and grow out of this”, was, James said during a press conference. The star player of the Los Angeles Lakers, there is yet to be known, to speak out about social injustice and political issues in the U.S., such as the Black Lives Matter movement.

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During the events in hong Kong were, the protesters are also markings for where to put their support for the NBA and Morey testified. Adam Silver as the commissioner is the head of the national basketball association (NBA, it was the right Morey on freedom of expression is defended, but not while the contents of the cursor.

a Critique of the American members of parliament

The controversy surrounding the CONFERENCE has also led to criticism of the American members of parliament. In both Democratic as Republican members of congress, even senators, charged with the organization of its freedom of speech and expression, to offer access to the Chinese market, and to keep it. In a first reaction, the Us basketliga said that it was “regrettable” it was that, in the opinion of the Morey and many of the friends and fans in China,” I was offended.

the national basketball association (NBA China is the next market outside of the United States of america. There are so many financial interests are involved. Hong kong is a semi-autonomous region of China, where all the months and events to occur in order for democratic reforms to no avail.

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