AIE Aie Aie ! The owners have something to worry about… Since in 2023, the amount of the property tax is likely to explode once again. A bad surprise for owners who have already paid much more this year. As the newspaper Les Echos explains, the finance bill will not cap the revision of rental values, the basis for calculating the property tax. The Minister of Economy Bruno Le Maire announced the painful: the revaluation of the bases should be 7% next year.

An increase in property tax automatically has an impact on other taxes. All levies whose calculation is based entirely or partially on the cadastral rental value of the property to which they are attached are concerned. This is particularly the case of the household waste collection tax (TEOM), the rate of which had already increased last year.

Naturally, the exact impact of the property tax rate increase on any property will depend on the precise nature of the property. However, it is possible to recall the average values: between 2010 and 2020, the average amount of tax that owners have to pay rose by nearly 28%. In 2021 alone, it increased by 2.6% and 4.7% in 2022. Unsurprisingly, inflation is to blame for this ever more expensive situation.

Note, however, that the increase in the property tax is theoretically offset by the increase in the price of rents. However, if this were not enough, you should also know that there are possibilities of capping, reduction and even exemption, always subject to conditions. The list.