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The National Union of Picks and Banderilleros in Spain and the Foundation of the Toro de Lidia has continued to meetings in the Congress to gather support against the discrimination of the Ministry of Labour to the professionals in the bullfighting arena. After the meeting yesterday with the Popular Group, the UNPBE and FTL have received also the support of the Parliamentary Group Vox in the Congress and the member of parliament for UPN in the Congress, Sergio Sayas, to put an end to the discrimination of professional bullfighting by Yolanda Diaz, the minister of labour.

Before the violent situation they are living for hundreds of families dedicated to bullfighting by the crisis produced by the Covid-19 and features extraordinary artists from the Ministry of Labour does not recognize them, continuing in this way the meetings on the part of the UNPBE and the FTL in the Congress to enlist the support of the various parliamentary groups.

On this occasion, the UNPBE and the CTF have held a meeting with the Parliamentary Group of Vox in the Congress, represented by Pedro Requejo and Ricardo Chamorro, among others; and a meeting with Sergio Sayas, the deputy for UPN in the Congress, both with the aim of gathering support to urge the Government to recognize “urgent” aid to which they are entitled to the professional bullfighting.

on The 5th of may, the Ministry of Culture approved the Royal Decree-Law 17/2020 where you pick up an exceptional performance to the unemployment addressed to the collective of artists in public spectacles.

The professionals in the bullfighting arena, including in the category artists in show public since the Royal Decree 1435/1985, of August 1, are not being able to access to these aids, despite the fact that the Minister of Culture, author of the standard, has confirmed on several occasions that they have the right to receive those benefits.

From the world of bullfighting, led by the FTL, and with the aim to clarify why from Job being denied the aid and the disparity of opinions between ministries, has requested meetings with the director of the SEPE, the secretary of State for work Joaquin Perez King, and with the minister of Labour, Yolanda Diaz. All rooms cancelled or no response.

Before the d ramática situation that are living for hundreds of families, since the bullfighting season 2019 ended in October, and the 2020 has not come to begin with, and after receiving no response from the minister Yolanda Diaz, is occurring, these meetings at the same time that the professionals in the bullfighting arena have concentrated to Work since last Tuesday. There, professionals from toro have regretted “the discrimination and the contempt of the Ministry of Labour to workers of a show legal”