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The pandemic of coronavirus has led to the bankrupt thousands of companies and has left Spain on the verge of the rescue. But it has failed to break the price of new housing. At least, not at the moment. As reflected in the statistics made public this Tuesday by the Society for Valuation, which reflects that the prices have increased in large cities, 3% in the last year and a 0.8% from the month of December.

As a result, at the beginning of June the price of new housing stood at 2.472 euros per square meter in large cities. In the rest of Spain the floors have also been raised, although to a lesser extent: in the cities with population greater than 100,000 inhabitants that are not provincial capitals, prices have increased 2.2%; in cities with populations of between 50,000 and 100,000, 1.9%; in those with between 25,000 and 50,000 inhabitants, 1.6% and in those with less than 25,000 inhabitants, an increase of 0.8%.

Although no longer recorded increases of a few years ago, Madrid and Barcelona continue to lead the increases of new housing. In the last year have been raised to 4.2% and 4%, respectively. And in the last semester both responded to the pandemic with a rise of close to 1%. These trends have led to the of new Catalonia (3.974 €/m2), Madrid (3.663 €/m2) and Basque Country (plants 2,754 €/m2) are positioned as communities with the highest price per square meter.

By contrast, Extremadura (1.208 €/m2), Murcia (1.267 €/m2) and Castilla La Mancha (1.441 €/m2) are maintained as the communities which have housing prices new low, according to the Society of Appraisal, which considers that at the current pace of absorption of the new housing can be drained in 9 months in Madrid and by 18.8 in the City.

“The price of new housing continues the trend of moderation that has already started at the end of 2018. The health crisis of the covid-19 has been able to influence that trend has been more pronounced than expected, but has not occurred —at least for the moment— an investment from the previous cycle, so that is still experienced slight rises”, has explained the adjusting.

yes, the organization has warned that “unknown phenomenon” produces “a situation of uncertainty about the way in which the real estate market may suffer its consequences.”

Rents to rise

But not only the prices of the sales seem to resist the virus. Also the car is shown solid, or at least the expectations of the owners. According to the report presented this Tuesday by Idealist, the prices for rent increased 1.2% during the second quarter, reaching 11,3 euros per month per square meter.

All the communities recorded price increases during the second quarter except the Balearic islands, a region highly influenced by the tourism saw a drop of 0.6%. In Madrid and Catalonia, the increases were 2% and 1%, respectively.

According to the head of Studies of Idealistic, Fernando Encinar, this trend is conditioned by the closure of the market during the confinement. Once opened, they begin to appear the “first settings”. According to the statistics of Idealistic, in June there are several regions that recorded price falls, reaching 3% in Catalonia, and 0.3% in Madrid.