Oz $ 19 more expensive than on Friday the price of gold as high as it has been since 2012 morethe demand for gold is benefiting again from the uncertainty in the Corona-crisis and the low interest rates.5 Kommentare5Der the price of gold has risen: jewelers gold jewelry in Thailand.Photo: Sakchai Lalit/Keystone

The price of gold, according to economic warnings of the American Central Bank, the Fed at the start of the week to the highest level in seven years climbed. On Monday morning, the fine ounce of Gold (31.1 grams) of cost in the meantime, in 1764, of the US Dollar.

around 19 dollars more than on Friday. The demand for gold has benefited again from the high level of uncertainty as to the recovery of the world economy of the Corona-crisis.

As the US Central Bank in its semi-annual stability report, announced on Friday, is the real estate sector to the sectors that would suffer from a possible renewed escalation of the Corona-crisis.

At the weekend, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell, had warned in an Interview that the recovery of the US economy could drag on until the year 2021.

On Friday bad the US had economic data, the scope of the Corona influence underpinned the US economy again. Retail sales and industrial production were dropped in April to historic lows.

Gold is more attractive economies

in Principle, benefits in Gold from the low interest rates in all major economies. The zero-interest rate policy makes Gold, which pays no interest, for investors more attractive.

This Trend was reinforced by the discussion in the USA about negative interest rates. The US Central Bank has so far still no willingness to recognize that speculation to hold, however.

Anhalt Added to the end of Worry because of a dispute between the United States and China over the cause of the Corona-crisis. A Resurgence of the trade conflict is not excluded. US President, Donald Trump had even threatened a rupture of relations. Gold benefited as a supposedly safe investment alternative.

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